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    V1 Gen2 laser not always detecting signal from auto toll reader?

    To clarify this is when approaching certain toll booths. On another note, the V1G2 did work on Ka on the turnpike
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    V1 Gen2 laser not always detecting signal from auto toll reader?

    My Gen2 still does alert to laser when coming from the PA turnpike to NJ as my R3 did
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    Is VR planning to address the K-band reactivity problem?

    I may have to try my V1G2 on A mode since i have JBV1 going along side it
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    Hello from NY!

    Welcome, if you are in that area of NY, I have almost exclusively seen Ka band and it is usually C/O.
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    In my experience, most German cars are very finicky about service and they need to be done proactively as opposed to being done reactively. For the S65 in the e92 and the S85 in e60 (very closed related motors) weak points are those rod bearings and the throttle body actuators. The actuators, I...
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    E46, E92 and the E60 M5 has issues with the rod bearing clearances, but anyone that is buying these cars should be going into with eyes open to that and budget for it. To me the engine performance is and sound is well worth that expense
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    That's a good point about it being rare. When the E46 M3 came out it came with the now legendary color of Laguna Seca Blue but at the time, people hated it and didn't buy them but now they are rare as hell and silly expensive
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    NYSP trying Vertical Lightbars

    Yeah i've seen something like this on the LIE a few years back and I remember commenting to my buddy that they put field goal posts on their trooper cars. I guess this is going state wide now?
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    maybe my eyes don't work well but the difference in exterior color seems rather subtle to me. In any case, I'd take either e92 happily
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    Where are the Formula One fans?

    Yes the race last weekend was great partly because Lewis didn't win and also because there was another team on the podium and Ferrari was somewhat competitive. The mixed conditions definitely made it for a great race
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    Pennsylvania 2021 RADAR for local PD use bill

    Yeah something similar to that. Having grown up in NY, I guess I was just used to that being radar. It is funny tho, as soon as I put that post up, I haven't seen them since
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    V1G2 is here

    Yeah I looked at both of those places and the one I need is the BV1-2017 and they don't have them there. I was able to order off their site as it magically happened to be 15 units after I sent an inquiry about it. The suction cups seem to be okay thus far but always liked the clean look of the...
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    V1G2 is here

    That would be my preferred but blendmount for my car is currently sold out. :confused: 1619118101 Wouldn't you know it, I sent them an email about the mount and not more than 5 mins later it's magically in stock again. Blendmount incoming!
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    Ordered a V1G2 Yesterday

    I'd say then it'd be worth while to just give them a call. It could be something as silly as your card issuer flagging the purchase or something and they didn't send you a notification
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    V1G2 is here

    hahah that's about how it goes and on top of that being in PA, locals don't even use radar so I'd have to get on the turnpike to even see anything