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    Cobra 480i

    Don't get me wrong, I wish I had done a little more research before purchasing the cobra.. and I'll definitely be investing in a different unit sometime in the near future. This time I'm definitely going to be doing my homework, lol! So what is considered a sensitive detector? I only have the...
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    Cobra 480i

    So I felt the need to give my input here. I know im a new user, but have been using the Cobra 480i for a few months now in Texas... The actual unit does not have a GPS, it connects via bluetooth and uses your phone's gps, and yes, the lockout feature works along with speed mute, speed alert...
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    Happy I stumbled across this forum. Id like to intro. myself!

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! Ive been newly intrigued by the systems and now the community surrounding them, so I stumbled upon this forum while figuring out my own system. I thought using these would be more black & white, but after a handful of months of testing my first one, i see there is quite...