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    Motorcycle Power Options

    I haven't really searched for RJ12 to SAE cables/adaptors specifically. I actually haven't thought about it until you mentioned it lol. But the SAE to USB as well as the SAE to 12v socket work really well. The main reason is that with the V1G2, there tends to be issues when using non-OEM cables...
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    Motorcycle Power Options

    My bike is a little "different" being an older bike with about 5k miles. It's a Honda 919 (aka Cb900F or Honda Hornet). What I did was grab a Battery Tender kit. I have leads going to each terminal. From there, you can customize it however you want. You can hook up a 12v outlet, a dual USB...
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    Been lurking too long! Greetings from the Midwest!

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you.
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    When is the next VR firmware update?

    The age old question lol. There's so much hype around Theia. I love my V1G2 and don't plan on purchasing Theia the day it comes out. If it's like any other electronic device, I'd like to see reviews, potential bugs, performance, etc before making any decisions. If Theia does end up being...
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    What mode do you use on your gen 2?

    I'll post an update. For a while, I was running it in Auto V1 Mode where Advanced Logic would kick in < 20mph and Logic >20mph. It was (and still is) great. However, somewhere along the line I got comfortable messing with many of the settings (also exporting them just in case). I've been...
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    34.715 Verifier?

    Edit: Just saw the previous response. Glad you found it! I'll leave this up nevertheless =) What I did (and usually do) is went to the Alert Log, and went to the top right corner and selected the bar graph (histogram). I then went ahead and selected a 90 day time frame (just press on one of the...
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    34.715 Verifier?

    Both Ka and Laser are off. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    34.715 Verifier?

    Seems like all of mine are very weak 34.7 signals. I found a few as well. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    34.715 Verifier?

    Everything for Ka band in regards to auto-muting should be default (unless accidentally changed). I took a couple screenshots just in case. Edit: The unmute priority and the whitelisted setting *may* have something to do with it? But again, it doesn't happen frequently whatsoever. I can't...
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    34.715 Verifier?

    I too get Ka bands auto-muted while using JBV1. It's once in a blue moon, and usually in occurs at the same place. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    V1g2 question about odd display

    Any updates?
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    Considering upgrading toV2 one big question

    As others have said, JBV1 is the way to go. I've tried all the other apps (with both Android and iOS, but nothing compares to it). I unfortunately haven't owned the G1. Had I known about it 10 years ago, I would've picked one up over the 8500x50 lol. So I can only speak on the Gen 2. As I've...
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    V1g2 question about odd display

    The only reason I find this odd is because I thought it's normal to show all lights on the startup sequence. I went back to @Vortex 's V1G2 "Unboxing and Hands-on" video. The boot sequence is at the 5:11 mark.
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    JBV1 Voice Control > Speech Recognizer

    Hi everyone, Fire those using JBV1, have any of you used voice control/ speech recognizer? I've seen it in the settings, but it's always gray's out for me. Edit: I do have Gboard installed on my Samsung. Not sure what else is needed to get this to properly function. I've also searched the...
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    Tweeked vs basic settings

    Yes, the settings stay on the V1. I forgot to turn bluetooth on a couple times and my V1 still showed the dot on the lower right hand corner. Meaning the profile is not the default. Same with the start up sequence. The screen will show a "c" followed by an "f", meaning that Custom Frequencies is...