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    Old Timer

    I come by the name honestly. My middle name is Gabriel. I think my mom picked that name cause she knew I would need extra help from the famous guardian angel. I'm Gabby Hayes on some other forums I frequent. Since you know who Gabby Hayes is, I think we are from a similar era??
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    What Was Your First Radar Detector

    Fuzzbuster II Many detectors since. Just upgraded to the R7 I don't recall ever getting a ticket as long as I had my detector on. Detctors have saved me 10's of thousands over the 45 years I've been using them.
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    Old Timer

    Hi from Canada. I've been using radar detectors as long as I've had a licence. My first detector was the Fuzzbuster II. Many others. I can honestly say I don't believe I've had any speeding tickets when I've had a radar detector in use. This goes back almost 45 years. I have probably saved...