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    Is it worth keeping an R7 with missing accessories?

    That's definitely crossed my mind. I wonder if this damn thing even works 😂😂 It's supposed to include everything. Amazon is pretty hassle free with returns anyway
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    Is it worth keeping an R7 with missing accessories?

    So I finally found me a used R7 on Amazon. Was supposed to be like new. The radar detector got here and the power cord, window mount, and suction cups were missing. I paid $360 before taxes when the prices were bouncing up and down.. The window mount with the two suction cups doesn't look...
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    Why did I wait so long?

    Welcome! Nice ride!
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    July 1987 Popular Mechanics Comparison of 10 Radar Detectors

    Wait, so there was an Escort and a Passport? Interesting..
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    Hello from OH

    I'm running my X50 as well haha. The false alerts are awful! From BSM to hwy signs lol. Still saves my butt when I run it though! Go Bucks!
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    Big Box Escort to V1G2 just signed up.

    Welcome! I still use a Passport lol
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    Welcome! That's the same way I found my way here haha
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    Opinion Poll

    I agree with you. That's the only thing about the V1 is having to use an app. Especially since my GPS on my phone can be a bit funky at times..
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    Opinion: R7 vs 360

    Haha still a huge upgrade over my 8500 without filtering Haha I'll probably end up a used one.. I offered someone on ebay $350 for a R7 one and he countered with $370.. But it was by the time I woke up lol. I keep missing out!
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    Opinion: R7 vs 360

    Haha man idk. If I wasn't in college, I'd probably snag them both. Maybe leaning more towards R7. As @TurboDriver said, you can always turn down the sensitivity on the R7. Plus it should be getting auto lockout. A few falses aren't a huge deal for me though since I'm used to my 8500 lol. It's...
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    Opinion: R7 vs 360

    If you could only pick one for city, highway, country roads, curvy roads, which would you go with? Also, what do you consider street price?
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    Opinion Poll

    You can probably find a good price on a used one once Thia comes out, from people selling to upgrade.. At least that's what I'm hoping for lol
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    New to forum

    Oh yikes haha. I'm still running my 8500 x50 every now and then.. but the falses are terrible. Trying to decide between the 360 and R7
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    New to forum

    Lol really? Worse range than your 8500/9500 or just not as good as you expected?