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    Theia - New Feature Request

    As they figured out how to legally ticket vehicle owners whether or not they actually committed the infraction with photo radar, it’s not a leap that they will also make vehicle owners (or perhaps occupant) responsible whether or not the auto pilot is on.
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    Theia - New Feature Request

    No not sarcasm, although not really something I would seriously expect either. More of a daydream idea. Lawsuit? No different than any other emergency auto braking service already out there. integration issues? Yes agreed that would be a tough nut to crack. Car manufacturers would probably...
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    Theia - New Feature Request

    Love what Theia is promising! With high confidence alerts, would like Theia to interface with my adaptive cruise or collision breaking safey systems and just automatically reduce my vehicles speed in a second please! since I expect it to be fairly good at pinpointing threat location from...
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    Required intro

    This is the required into message to satisfy forum requirements. Hi! Long time escort user who more or less likes the detector product but is turned off Escort by terrible customer service (most recently inability to order defender database subscription online becausea subscription doesn’t...