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    Radar Detector Recommendation for Bojangles

    There's nothing in your price range that I can think of you recommend to you. The Uniden R3 is a great little detector if you can afford it. The Cobra DualPro 360 is also in the same price range and does great. $299 on Amazon currently.
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    Cobra DualPro 360 [$299 Prime Day Over!] - To Be Continued...

    $299 is an outstanding deal. The Max line has really great BSM filtering. The Cobra looks pretty good as well!
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    Suggestion: Theia component sharing program

    Which country will Theia be made in? Korea?
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    Your car would need to be shaped a funky way to deflect radar away from the gun that's aimed at you. Radar absorbing paint helps some...but what you're asking sounds almost impossible. But I wish you luck regardless. The good thing is that you can jam Lidar with the correct equipment. It's...
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    Gail from Cedar, are you still active here???

    Hopefully we hear from Gail soon on here. She seems pleasant enough. We never know how busy people are in their lives.
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    R7, fastest detection settings for ka/k?

    Others on here with experience have said $100 is typical.
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    2022 Toyota Tundra

    The marker lamps are required by federal law because the truck is over 80 inches wide apparently.
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    V1G2 failure after warranty expired

    Yeah, only the mothership can help with this issue.
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    Got my new RL360c and it only took 2 days to realize escort live SUCKS!!!

    Black text on a dark background be hard to read, yo.
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    R7, fastest detection settings for ka/k?

    I have my R7 plugged into the cig lighter. My plan is to simply unplug it when around pigs. I'd just take a chance on them not spotting it visually.
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    Any updates on supply chain

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    2022 Toyota Tundra

    Supposedly it will have a twin turbo 3.5L V6 with 400+hp. There will be an optional hybrid most likely. Full specs haven't been released but here's the first official photo. What do you guys think?
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    R7, fastest detection settings for ka/k?

    With Pop On, you'll probably get more false alerts.
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    Bluetooth Audio for R7

    Has anyone tried plugging a Bluetooth transmitter into the audio jack of an R7? Wouldn't that make it possible to play the alerts on the speakers of your vehicle? I'm talking about something like this: