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    NC LIDAR Tactics

    I was feeling a little of the same but in the past two months I've been hit twice in Gastonia, twice in Greensboro, once in Charlotte and once in Georgia. That's 6 times I'd be going to court that now I'm not. ALP very well may be the only reason I'm still legally driving.

    Highway Radar Capabilites?

    From the time I made the first post in this thread to now I've literally driven 10,000 miles. From NC to TX and back, to all 8 NC lighthouses, from NC to KY and back, and a couple NC mountain day trips. I've used HwR+Waze for the entirety of it and it has been spot on, I don't know how I...

    NC LIDAR Tactics

    They use teams a lot with Lidar operations. The officer with the gun can't be in motion, so he sits and clocks people and calls out the offenders to other officers and they pull the cars. I've seen the Gastonia NC police and the Georgia State Troopers using Lidar with a one-man show though.

    Did @Vortex Influence You?

    He was instrumental in my pre-purchase search for information and in my purchasing an R7, but not in my decision to start using countermeasures. I've had radar detectors since the late 90's. I also gained valuable insight from his laser jammer videos before I purchased the ALP system. HwR...

    Highway Radar Capabilites?

    Thanks @ferius. So, all of those options are on, but does it pull all the traffic and roadway threat info, crowd-sourced alerts, etc, from WzSabre? Is there some software in HR itself that is looking at airplane info, or do I need to enable/install something else? Is that coming from...

    Highway Radar Capabilites?

    So I only found out about Highwau Tadar last week, and got the app set up, and Sabre plugin wzSABRE installed. I haven't had much chance to play around with it and test it out. That said, I'm driving from NC to TX and back in a week, and was wondering what the apps capabilities are I might be...

    Ferius is paying out of pocket for US to use his app. Come on people, support him!

    I just found out about the app, and have yet to put it to use, but I sent a donation via Ko-fi.

    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    $389 right now. 1615558260 I swear your post wasn't there when my page loaded. 😅

    Has R7 V1.35 Made You Significantly Less Likely to Purchase Theia?

    Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I take this page to say Theia is definitely a radar detector detector detector.
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    Hello, from NC

    I have the full setup of two Rx heads and a TX head front and rear. Total cost installed was around $3,300. If I were younger and skinnier I'd have installed it myself, but I can't contort to get into the engine bays, trunks, and footwells like I used to be able to. (Ustacould 🤣)
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    Hello, from NC

    Yeah I replied to his thread but it may be awaiting moderator approval. I don't recommend Tint Shop, even for tint. Freeman's never answered the phone when I called. I drove to Cartunes in ATL, and would advise anyone to do the same. Front and rear for my car was about a 6 hour install.
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    Help me set this up

    Rebooting did it for me!
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    Hello, from NC

    Thanks @jestric! I've been targeted, and hit, several times with I/O, the last few times have been on the 74 toll road around Monroe. Fortunately each time they've been travelling in the opposite direction, and I've been able to make myself small by the time they could get to an exit and turn...
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    Hello From North Carolina

    I'm from the Charlotte area too. I used the Tint Shop for tint on my BMW and was EXTREMELY dissatisfied with his professionalism and his workmanship. I paid another shop to remove his tint, fix the issues he should have, and retint my car. When it came to installing my ALP system, Freeman's...