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    Escort iXc vs Max 3

    My Man Vortex, We are wrestling with these old windshield mount radar detectors. I gave my custom IX IC away. Im on the Net Radar DSP now with only KA and ALP. Try this setup on a long road trip and see the difference. I think we are asking too much from companies to filter K band and some of...
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    Net Radar Ka Band Question

    Guys, Took the system out for a 300 mile trip. Only have the KA on the NR, and at times I just got One Beep or Two and the signal went away. It might have been a weak one really far away. Usually if there is a ramp up, it leads to a Valid threat. Any idea why am I picking up this weak signal...
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    Remote Radars Observation - Escort IX IC vs Net Radar DSP

    Oh I see, i guess I will run it in Highway then. Yes I do have HW4 CPU and Bluetooth. I really don't need K, so I am okay with turning it off. Yes it is a sensitive unit, any ideas where the KA falses originate from? Can they be ARF'ed?
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    Remote Radars Observation - Escort IX IC vs Net Radar DSP

    Hey Guys, Thought I share my remote radar experiences with you. Ill make it short...(hopefully) Right now I have ALP for laser front and back etc. I did have a net radar/DSP too for 2 years. Then i switched to the Escort IXIC radar only system as I just got alerted on everything. Now I am back...
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    Did @Vortex Influence You?

    Of course Vortex influenced all of us. Back in the day it was the Valentine One User Manual, then graduating to the Escort 9500 ci after reading the Valentine user manual. Now Vortex has helped us plant ALP's in our cars. There is no real solution for Radar Detectors or K band anymore, apart...
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    Net Radar DSP - User Manual?

    Yes i know. Thanks! I ordered the net radar DSP last night. If anyone wants an Escort Ix Ic let me know.,
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    Net Radar DSP - User Manual?

    Guys, I had the NR/DSP, now Escort IXiC I have some filters going very well on the Escort. Wanted to compare them to NR/DSP so I can go back to it, and it integrates into my Uber ALP. Does anyone have a user manual? I have seen all of Vortexes video/config etc. Thanks,
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    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Vortex, I saw your video on the installed version of the Radenso. I think the user interface is too complicated. Im used to the simplicity of my escort, though i have k notch filters set up on the escort now. So you dont need the auto lockouts or BSM k band frequencies as they are turned off...
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    Escort Error Messages

    Guys, Something weird going on with my IX IC system. Maybe it was too cold the last few days. These are the errors, they come and go but I dont think there is anything wrong... 1) Check FR 2) Check RR 3) The GPS does not get a signal until i restart the detector twice. I am taking the car in...
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    Learned a New Trick

    Guys, last time i will report back on this one. Around 500 miles of freeway driving today. First 120 miles it went of once on Ka and yes there was a LEO. I passed two LEOs on and they were just chilling and the system did not alert. I thought they might be on K so i turned on everything to...
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    Guys, Just to chip in this great thread.....We need the remote Theia system with ALP integration ASAP. If you want windshield detectors get on the bimmerpost forum. The installed system is far superior for stealth, but inferior on technology. Why? And just to be a troll for giggles, V1's...
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    Learned a New Trick

    Guys a small update. 130 miles today. The secret sauce is working. One LEO blasting Ka and it alerted me. Not even a beep otherwise, No BSM, followed a Mazda all the way and some hondas. No beeps at all except one Ka!!!!! No missed LEO's either. I have another long trip this wednesday. Todays...
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    The Vortex Schedule

    I am subscribed!!!! I even post the videos on my site. Some kind of roadmap would be nice.
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    The Vortex Schedule

    Hi Vortex, Is there anyway to come up with a schedule for the year called The Vortex Schedule. So we know when software releases etc are coming up, or your videos. This way my mind can be put to something else. I just dont want to miss an ALP update, or an Escort update for installed...
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    Learned a New Trick

    Cheers, drive safe. I dont mind it missing few LEOs as im usually at the speed limit. But will report back in a few weeks. If you get to the point when the detector cries wolf every 5 miles then i tend to start ignoring the alerts. Anyways, I have signed up for the Theia email list.