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    Only getting K band pins

    I have been using V1 Driver for awhile & have never looked at the pins on the map. I have gotten a lot of Ka & a lot of K encounters & a few laser as well. However, when I look at the map I find only pins for K band encounters. Are the other encounters not being logged, or do I just not...
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    Lifelong V1 User, very disappointed in the customer experience

    I have loved the V1 since I first got it & have never considered another, until my G1 got too chatty. It was driving me nuts... The hassle and unpredictable nature of a personal resale, plus my laziness, prompted me to trade-in. It was worth it for me to have what I consider a top rd...
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    New Upgrade Now Up

    I never received anything from VR about an upgrade. If I didn't see this post, I would not know about it unless I checked for it using V1 Connect. Am I missing something? Any hints on how to be aware of the next upgrade earlier?
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    V1G2 double Ka CO detection range over V1G1

    Sounds good, but not enough detail for me to do it. Sorry for being dumb like a rock, but maybe being older is a reason. Guess I need to know what frequencies I need to set how, etc. Guess this only for those rd wizards out there. I'll have to muddle along without it, I guess...
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    V1G2 double Ka CO detection range over V1G1

    If I could understand how to set up custom sweeps on my V1G2 to exclude false alerts but still alert to police frequencies, it would be a lot better. Hoping for an update to improve BSM filtering. It’s pretty good now, but of course I want it to be perfect. I’m also hoping V1 Driver will be...
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    Post & Get Your User Bars Here!

    Tried the V1, V1 Connection, and V1 Driver bars. The V1 Driver bar didn't work. Guess I can't follow directions...
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    Volume adjustment - iOS

    The volume setting is where I had it. The volume (HFP) was changed from default to 10. I am not using any car audio. My car does not have the ability to use car audio. There is no way to do that. My car was built before those features were available. I am using the Air Pod to hear audio from...
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    Volume adjustment - iOS

    The volume is set to 10 for volume and volume (HDP) in the V1D sound settings page. 1614269791 I am not using car audio for V1D.
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    Volume adjustment - iOS

    I’m having trouble hearing V1D audio alerts. I have no trouble hearing Waze alerts. I run V1D in background & Waze in foreground on an iPhone 11. I have an Air Pod Pro in my left ear. I read the discussion above & still have no clue how to get the V1D audio alerts loud enough to hear...
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    Arizona Road Trip

    I went to Arizona & when I got back, I had two tickets waiting for me in the mail. They call it photo radar, but it does not involve radar. There are sensors in the road. They drop the speed limit by 30mph. Post the limit on very hard to see signs & take your picture to send with the request for...
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    New here! Just ordered a Valentine One Gen 2

    I currently have a V 1G2 and am using V1 Driver on my iPhone. If I normally run Waze in the foreground, does it make sense to get an android & use my iPhone hotspot to use JBV1 on it? I mean, I will probably be doing PSL+ & dealing with two phones & V1 while driving sounds unsafe & I'm not sure...
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    Received G2 today, Getting GPS update messages from V1 Driver

    Thanks. I got it set. Well that makes 2 mistakes I have found in my setup. Hope there are no more...
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    Received G2 today, Getting GPS update messages from V1 Driver

    Is that somewhere in settings?
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    Maiden Voyage

    Sorry ‘bout that. I admit it was a guess. I guessed that after reading Mike’s story of how he started. Maybe that was when he was with Escort? I had one of those, too. Where did you find info on introduction of V1? 1612766227 Thanks for the input. I don’t intend to lie, but at age 76, some of...