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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    I honestly have to disagree with you on this I did send a email and did not get a reply when I didn't get a reply I tried to call I was 13 on que because I was driving and didn't need the call to drop I opted for the call back which I got maybe 40 minutes later and an email with a number to send...
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    Sent RL360C in for Warranty

    I have to send mine in to be repaired it started acting crazy I’m guessing from the heat and then it fell off the windshield with the M1 attached and then went out it wouldn’t turn back on so I have 3 other plugs in the car from the R3 R7 and V1G2 I try another power cord it popped that fuse so...
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    v1g1 or R3?

    R3 for sure
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    Why I should get a Uniden R7 over a V1G2 ?

    If you live and drive in NYC I'd definitely go with the R7 for the MRCD at the rate the speed cameras and red light cameras go up waze and JBV1 can't keep up with them but the R7 gives you a better shot at not getting the ticket
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    Greetings from NY

    @roejogan Suffolk County cops can be jerk offs sometimes sorry that you had to deal with that racism can't really make any excuses for him joking or not but fight the tickets and get a lawyer you can probably get 2 of 3 thrown out and get the speeding one lowered to a minor infraction so it...
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    Did @Vortex Influence You?

    @Vortex when I started driving from NYC to FL I had started to Google radar detectors and knowing I had to drive through VA where they are illegal which one was best at the time it was the R3 and I found a bestbuy who had one in stock and brought it that very same night driving through SC I got...
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    Living in FL and traveling all over FL I started with my R7 and it served me well I got a V1 G2 and don't use it much it just didn't seem to perform well with alot of the sheriff's using K band I keep my Redline 360c on my windshield as my everyday detector it hasn't come down since I've got it...
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    Hi from NYC

    All these guys are right as far as the arrows go my first detector was an R3 long before the R7 came around then once you get the arrows you'll never be able to do without them I also own a V1G2 and Redline 360C and love them all my Redline is my everyday favorite then the R7 and once in a blue...
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    Hi from NYC

    Great choice in the R7 if you find it to be to big the R3 is just as good without the arrows if you don't need them and it's slimmer then the R7 welcome to the forum be safe on that bike brother
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    Florida Driver

    Great choice in the R7 and welcome to the forum from Pasco County FL
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    Can the V1G2 be ran using Unidens Hardwire?

    It says not to use a smart cord on the V1G2 it causes issues with it
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    R7 USB cable

    I got an extra one off Amazon also @Vortex has a link to buy it from Amazon I don't even think I paid 10 dollars for it
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    2.8.0 released

    Thank you @johnboy00 for the continued work you do to make a great app even better
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    MRCD/MRCT in Florida/Georgia?

    When I’m in Orlando my Redline 360C doesn’t pick up the red light cameras as MRCD/CT at all But my R7 used to pick up some of the Orange County sheriffs as MRCD as well as some Pasco County Sheriffs
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    Redline 360c Case/Sleeve

    I use a pencil case to store mine in and put it in the glove box or middle council