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    Explorer ST front laser head placement

    How about the area near the fog lights? looks like there is a small black area directly above the lens that would get you a lot closer to the headlights but might not require cutting the grill
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    Stinger 'Section Alerting'

    I was just browsing the Stinger site after drooling over a certain Hellcat. (@SquirrelMaster ) And saw the section about section alerting, i've heard of this ticket technique used on some toll roads but have not fallen victim myself. Do any other systems (standalone or conceal mount) alert...
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    Howdy From Ohio

    You need to be active for a few posts before that will show available. 1618237355 That is a great way to put it.
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    Hello from Columbus Ohio

    Just because I am curious. Is Veil a bad word around here? I know it was never a perfect CM, but I felt like it did help a lot with my civic.
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    Hello from Columbus Ohio

    Thanks for the tip. I see the recent $375 deals on the R7 so that's my baseline price point. Do you have any pictures of your install? Would a TMG setup be worth it anything at all on this car? Does Ohio use Dragon Eye systems?
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    Hello from Columbus Ohio

    Hey all. I started lurking around the RDforum a few months back thought it was time to make my intro post. In 2010-2015 I was on the forums, I started back then with Honda Civic and a Solo S2 / Bel 995 with Veil coated headlights. Back then I think LI was the king of the...