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  • Hey @TXLe answers below

    1. Are they interfering with each other? No, I've noticed no single instance of stuck alerts, missed alerts, etc. The V1 is more prone to falsing on KA but in every instance the detection on KA band has been excatly as expected between the two RDs.

    2. Do I take any special precautions? No, none. Both come on and turn off automatically when the car starts and stops. No power cycling necessary.

    3. The V1 sweeps K and KA band. KA band sweeps are 34.600-34.800 (in two mandatory sweeps), and 35.400-35.600 (the 33.800 sweep is mandatory and automatic when you apply custom sweeps). The Magnum sweeps ONLY KA band. The K filtering on the V1 is much better than the Magnum and range is equal or better from the V1. The Magnum is running segments 2/5/8.

    The setup is great because the V1 gives me a bogey counter and arrows, while the Magnum gives me a frequency readout and max range. I'm extremely happy with it.
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