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    Is K band slowly dieing?

    K is thriving in Michigan
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    V1G2 quick heads up

    Savvy plugged in to the ODB-II port = no power-on nonsense.
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    Gen 2 Bluetooth security

    TV-B-Gone was always fun at the big box stores:
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    KA false 35.656 from semi

    Increasingly, trucks are being equipped/refitted with blind spot monitors.
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    I mean REALLY!?!?!?!

    F16's w/misssles is so last century. Predators equipped with the R9X (Flying Ginsu) is the weapon of choice ... kills everyone in the vehicle without pesky collateral damage.
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    Memo Loud After Muting???

    Thank you. Reminds me of three horizontal selector buttons I once saw: <Center> <Right> <Left>
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    Memo Loud After Muting???

    Thank you ... and ... yes it is ... but which one? I really appreciate V1D providing the tip, but it is frustrating when the good advice does not the choices as presented by V1C. Harumph. Harumph. Harumph.
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    Memo Loud After Muting???

    V1D suggests that I use V1C ... to change Memo Loud After Muting ... to Off. I cannot find this “Memo Loud After Muting” option in the current V1C app. Perhaps the name has changed? Or perhaps V1C has dropped this param? ELI5, please.
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    Upgrade/Trade-In Program ... Temporarily Halted

    The woman that answers the counter ain’t gonna win any prizes for charisma, but she is both knowledgeable and effective in dealing with walk-in traffic.
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    Confirm that HR is Working?

    How can I verify that HR is sending and receiving correctly?
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    JBV1 radar alerts

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    Quiet Ride?

    Yabbut, it is the school zones that I do not (yet) know about that worry me the most.
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    Quiet Ride?

    In my experience, most of the PSL=20 areas are school zones. That is an assumption that I find acceptable. If you find it unacceptable, do not enable the feature.
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    Quiet Ride?

    Feature request? If this is already a feature, I cannot find it. School Zones: The 20 MPH PSL in school zones is enforced with vigor here. No complaints from me about the no favors, no waivers enforcement. If configuring Silent Ride muting, is there a way to have an alert punch thru...
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    JB, Bravo Zulu