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    Why are Speed Cameras Unethical?

    I used to travel to a city in Texas where several were being used before they were banned, and I always approached those intersections ready to slam on the brakes.
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    Why are Speed Cameras Unethical?

    Every citizen that drives on a roadway where a speed camera has been deployed is placed under surveillance even though there isn't a suspicion of guilt or probable cause. It is a governmental overreach. If you surveil every citizen, you will eventually find many of them guilty of breaking some...
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    iOS 14(.0.1)

    I have a company issued iPhone 7, and my wife talked me into updating to iOS 14.0.1. It seems that everything has slowed way down, and some things are only intermittingly working. I'm guessing the iPhone 7 doesn't really have the chipset to pull off this new operating system. I wish I hadn't...
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    Introduce yourself

    Greetings from Louisiana, USA! I'm also using an R7.
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    Hey, guys!

    Greetings from Louisiana!
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    Hello from Michigan

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    Back again

    Welcome back!
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    New member from Dallas area

    Hello Mark. Greetings from Louisiana!
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    Hello from WI

    Greetings from Louisiana!
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    Band Summary by State (as of 02/14/2020)

    Segments are individual Ka radar frequency ranges. Depending on where you live, law enforcement will run particular radar guns that operate within a certain frequency range. If you have a radar detector that has the capability to allow you to select which segments (frequency ranges) to operate...
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    Finally took the plunge

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    Hi Everyone

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    Hello All

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