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    Gail from Cedar, are you still active here???

    The industry participation here seems to be limited to Radenso. I recall older posts by Vortex that indicated he believed Escort would benefit from being communicative here and I still agree with this sentiment. Escort is not showing thought leadership with the fans of the genre.
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    Any updates on supply chain

    When Theia is ready, I will be here. Fun days ahead!!
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    Such a deal on ebay !

    DUDE. It is not even a Vortex Edition. Who would buy that???
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    Escort Redline 360c Firmware v1.8 Release

    I disagree that arrows are better. I have a mobile speed sign near me lately and as I approach it, and for a good mile, it says it is behind me. As I pass it, it, stays... behind me.
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    [Poll] Is the Redline 360c worth $750?

    I say yes because it has already saved me from 8x that amount in tickets. Is it perfect? No. Is it the best I can do for now, yes.
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    warranty repair fail

    We need to do a welfare check on Steve.
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    Auto vs Highway with Instant On

    Nailed it Lars. Although -SNL isn't as funny as it used to be. The RMR saga will always be funny. lol
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    Detector Tools for Escort

    I wanted to give a heads up that the newest version of detector tools for Mac works EXCELLENT. I had problems with previous versions, but just tried the latest and greatest, and was able to update firmware and defender database with no errors. (I was already on 1.8 and wanted to re-do it...
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    warranty repair fail

    I have not had to use their repair services, but I have to think this is not up to their standards. Annoying yes, but very resolvable. They need to pay for shipping back and make this right.
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    This was a new one for me with EL and R360c

    Ha. Yes, I get beaten up on Twitter regularly for mis-steps.
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    Got my new RL360c and it only took 2 days to realize escort live SUCKS!!!

    It is not the best for sure. I still hold out hope.
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    My Buds show up as a paired device in Escort Live!

    Wait, what??? That is insane.
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    Auto vs Highway with Instant On

    This thread is so excellent. @Vortex finally answers the truly hard hitting questions about RMR devices!!!! Thank you!! : )
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    This was a new one for me with EL and R360c

    Ten minutes? Ok, you have the patience of a saint! I pulled the plug after a couple of minutes of crazy lady.
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    360C Multaradar false

    I got the MRCD 0.000 alerts recently myself and found it less than informational. ; 0 Turned off again due to falses.