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    Hub Centric Spacers?

    Great tires they just get loud as they wear. Wet and dry performance was great tho.
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    Hub Centric Spacers?

    I run 15mm and 10mm on my GTI. No issues and they might help performance a bit.
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    John From Vancouver

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    New to RDF

    Welcome to RDF!!
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    Hello All

    Welcome to RDF!!
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    Hello from Chicago suburb

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    VALENTINE ONE USER for 30 Years

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    down the RD rabbit hole I go

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    Welcome to the forum.
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    At what point is a car TOO slow

    Everyone has their own idea of fun. Miata's are fun cars but not very fast. Hellcat is a fun car but for different reasons. Some people find the twisties and how the car feels to be the most fun part. Others enjoy doing highway pulls and feeling the torque push them back into their seats. I...
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    New member here - Valentine User

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    Do you keep V1Driver GPS Always On on iPhone?

    In order for the auto connect feature to work yes it needs to be on. It uses geo fencing. If you have an older iPhone like I do it drained my battery too much for me. I keep it on "while using" and just launch the app when I get into the car and hit the connect button, connects in seconds. I...