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    Seeking Recent TMG Test Data

    This is correct. The pt issues would only happen on the front and you start moving away from center mass. At points were I would receive no warnings if done accurately.
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    Seeking Recent TMG Test Data

    Slightly I had jam just fine till roughly the 500` mark then a pt due to my set up. We believe the lack of sensitivity on the sensors. We later tested it with a PL3 and it had more or less the same pt zone/issue.
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    Info Laser Testing Resources

    I'll send you a pm.
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    Newbie from PDX OR ... going "all in"

    Welcome. Nice to see another neighbor up here in the pnw.
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    34.7 and 33.8 are both used often and a few sheriffs do run k band. Up near Olympia they run aerial vascar so jbv1 or another app that shows them would be recommended. Lidar is rather liked around here but the R3 wont save you from that. link about wsp vascar-
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    Info Laser Testing Resources

    Time to give back and put my name down as well. PL3 in Portland, Oregon but can fly about a little to meet some users a bit away from there.
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    Threat types between Portland OR and CA border

    In Portland you'll see a fair amount of 34.7 and a little k band. For lidar it's a lot of LTI stuff. Salem has some staker lidars. There are rumors of X band in some places south of salem but no idea if there are any still in use but there is that. 34.7 is very common and some places use 33.8 or...
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    Post & Get Your User Bars Here!

    For the few volvo drivers that might be around.
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    Redline 360c Red Barn Testing, 6-14-20

    Very nicely done you two. Also interested to see how the k band test look.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome. The R3 is a very solid pick.
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    Quick & Dirty Redline 360c 34.7 Testing

    I still think it would fun to toss the R3 in the testing graphs for fun to see how a 750 detector compares to a ~270 detector if the RL360 is only just competing with the R7/V1G2.
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    $750 Redline 360c... Ummmmm

    Look at their ads. Theia main points are a true AI to beat bsm, great range and a great gps. Escort was trying to steal some of those head lines... knowing fluff words are what help sells to a degree. Most people see the price tag and see all the buzz words thinking it must the best thing but...
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    Uniden mute wiring question

    Wasn't thinking about the inline fuse but should probably add that to the list. Thank you for the help.
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    Uniden mute wiring question

    Sweet that's exactly what I needed to know. On the mirror taps you just respliced the power and ground correct?
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    Uniden mute wiring question

    Is it possible to strip the add a fuse part of the wiring and replace the power/ground with mirror tap connections? Would I still have the led and mute button functionally by doing this?