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    V1G2 Firmware version 4.1027 Released (2021.10.18)

    Update complete
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    Hello from TN (423)

    hello neighbor, Greeneville here
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    Alert window idea

    Great minds think alike
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    Does I/O radar "leak" a little bit when on standby?

    It was my understanding that early generation radar units capable of I/O had to send an intermittent short signal to know the speed the patrol car was traveling when used in moving mode. That was in the pre-GPS days. I assume that is no longer needed
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for Burkeomatic

    I agree based upon the preferences. I'm V1G2 and M360c user
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    Review: Carven 5-inch exhaust tips for late-model Chargers

    when I read the title, I thought great, more grapefruit launders but those look perfect and much better than the OEM ones you replaced
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    Sounds Good Stereo Nashville

    If you're talking to me, you can forget it. I can only imagine what a company that can't keep track of emails and potential business might forget while working on my automobile. When people are ready to make a purchase, they will not wait six months to a year. I am curious why on 1 June of this...
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for AMG Neo

    I used the windshield mount supplied with the detector. I connected it via the optional SAVVY that plugs into the ODBII port. As jestric mentioned, JBV1 is Android only, and like you, I am an iOS user. I purchased a NOKIA phone solely for JBV1and keep it mounted on a Proclip mount. I use my...
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for AMG Neo

    Nice whip, mate. I've been an AMG fan for a long time. BTW, I run a V1G2 in my 2021 GLA45 with the SAAVY ODBII connection. On longer trips I run the JBV1 app from the car's wi-fi, on short hops I use V1 Driver
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    V1 Gen 2 stolen - New R7 :)

    I had an Escort 0 stolen many years ago. Smash and grab
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    Greetings from TN

    Welcome from East Tennessee
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    Blacked out BMW near Greenville/Spartanburg

    probably a drug bust seizure
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    Pick your poison

    my personal opinion is to steer clear of Virginia even if it's 200 miles out of my way
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    Group Perspex Buy

    You should not count on me, I am going with Stinger
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    Sounds Good Stereo Nashville

    When I read this I had high hopes for an installer closer to me. Considering I have attempted contact THREE times and never received a reply, I'm moving on. Any company that ignores my inquires does not deserve my business