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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    That could be an idea to try. I use V1Driver so I could try doing this. Interesting idea. I was always taught that the little "L" was somehow better. But, I can definitely try the big "L" and turn K back on. 1593698297 I never could figure out how to use JBV1. It was something else for...
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    Yeah but, I drive in Mobile almost all of the time. I can always turn on K band, if I head to Dauphin Island, Saraland, Satsuma, Pritchard, etc.
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    I know we have discussed this before. But, I have never seen any police, sheriff or State Troopers use K band for radar in Mobile County. Since I am tired of having to snooze everything and listen to the tiny chirps of K and X all of the time; I turned off X and K band through the detector...
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    Hey y'all, I'm a student with two tickets within 2 years of getting my license

    Prosecutors usually do not ever cut deals. This is why you pay a lawyer to go talk to the prosecutor. At least that is how it works in Alabama. Go see the judge and politely ask to go to driving school, don't admit fault or anything. If the judge asks and only if the judge asks then admit...
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    V1 Driver app reporting some but not all of the Ka band pins on app

    OK, so I know this is going to sound weird but, some of my Ka signals that I know for sure are a police officer shooting radar are not showing up on the map on the V1 Drivver app you can download in the app store for iOS. At first, I could not get any Ka pins to show up. But, now I am seeing...
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    Weak 1-bar Ka signals

    Wonder how you would know your V1G2 was falsing on Ka? I only have 1 V1G2 detector.
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    Weak 1-bar Ka signals

    Last Wednesday morning I was sitting in my car with the A/C running as it was humid as hell on the Gulf Coast. I see Ka on my detector go off on one 1 bar with the arrow pointing directly ahead. (There was no road in that direction) So, I am still sitting there and the side arrows come up...
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    Weak 1-bar Ka signals

    Occasionally, I will get a weak 1-bar Ka signal ahead. It continues to beep and show one bar. But, yet the signal never increases in signal strength. You end up driving say 1/3 or 1/2 mile but yet you never really see the signal strength increase by any real measure. Is this like some sort...
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    V1G2 can get hot enough to burn you while driving

    My Honda Civic is black. I have really dark tint on all of the windows except for the front windshield. Like I said before, I can leave the house and the detector almost feels cold. After 30 minutes of use even on a cloudy day; the detector is for real seriously warm. Just seems weird. Yes...
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    Gen 2 - K Falses

    Swank, I don't have any tech info but, what I do is I run V1Driver and if you tap and hold on the red, yellow or sometimes green arrows it will make the display on the detector itself go dark and will not aggravate you so much. That is what I do. I do sometimes think that between silencing...
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    Who is returning / Who is waiting for firmware update?

    I bought a Passport Escort 9500 18 years ago and the power supply went out on it. I had owned it for less than a year. Maybe 6 months or so? And then kaboom! Well, guess who I bought from this time? Not Escort. (Valentine1) Not, saying it's a bad brand. But, damn stand behind your...
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    V1G2 can get hot enough to burn you while driving

    I don't know what the exact tint level is on my civic. But, it is pretty dark on the sides. It is still taking some getting used to. But, it is the ceramic solar tint. The tint on the front windshield is barely noticeable and does not help all that much. The tint on the rest of the car is...
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    V1G2 can get hot enough to burn you while driving

    Has anyone noticed how hot the case can be during the day? Even when the case is relatively cool it can still be pretty hot inside. But, if you use the V1G2 during the day and take it out of the car it can almost burn your skin. The case itself hasn't fallen apart or anything.
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    Ka hits coming right on up......

    OK, so today we had an Asplundh crew trimming tree limbs all down Hillcrest Rd. There was a marked Tahoe with his lights on sporadically firing Ka radar as cars passed him from behind. For a while, there was a motorcycle cop as well. The motorcycle cop was continuously firing. And boy does...