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    VR Having Vendor Problems

    I ordered my new car in SEP 2019. At the time, I was told I would likely receive it in July 2020. Now I’m looking at late OCT due to a UAW strike, two month Covid shutdown, as well as supplier issues. By the time it arrives, it will have been a 13 month wait!
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    V1G2 quick heads up

    My V1G2 is an early example, delivered in March. Never had to press the POWER button. The V1G2 is wired to the rearview mirror and comes on when I power-on the vehicle (2014 Chevrolet Corvette).
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    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    I was driving to the beach with my GF last weekend, and I pointed to the Bluetooth indicator on my V1G2 and asked what she thought about it. Me: what do you think of that? Her: think of what? Me: the Bluetooth indicator on my radar detector, does it bother you? Her: I don’t think anything of...
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    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    I never owned a Concealed Display when I owned a V1G1 so I’m unfamiliar with the setup. I now own a V1G2 with a power connection through the rearview mirror. Because I’m getting power through the rearview mirror, does that mean the V1G2 Concealed Display won’t work with my current setup?
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    Error 228 when updating firmware

    I would do what the message says to do - CALL Valentine Research Inc.
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    Should I turn off V1 Laser Detection?

    This thread is under the ‘Introduce Yourself’ section. Answers lots of questions for new RD owners. Acronyms
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    Easy V1 Gen. 2 upgrade

    Mine is one of the earliest units (received March 8). I did the upgrade on the way to my GF’s house. She lives about 30 minutes from me. I’d say the upgrade took less than half the trip, probably about 10 minutes. Very easy, open the V1 Connection app, press the upgrade notification...
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    Red Light Camera

    PV? Pahrump Valley Nevada? Palos Verdes California? Paradise Valley Nevada? Prescott Valley Nevada? Somewhere else?
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    My first ever ipad [ipad pro 2020]

    I’ve been using the Ztotop case my my iPad Pros. Good looking, inexpensive and protects well. Amazon Link
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    35.5 zingers this morning

    Had my Gen2 since March 8 and it’s NEVER reacted the way yours reacts. Mostly silent 99% of the time. Time to send yours in.
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    V1G2 Faceplate Issue Solution

    Send it back on a Monday, you’ll have it back before Friday. They’re very quick with turnaround (so I hear).
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    Valentine Suspends Upgrades

    I suppose it depends on your POV. I sold my Gen1 on eBay and got $250 for it, about $220 after fees. Some people may not want to deal with the hassle of selling on eBay, shipping, and the possibility the buyer may want to do a return. Trading in to V1 is quicker and easier. I sold...
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    My first ever ipad [ipad pro 2020]

    I ordered my 2020 iPad Pro shortly after they was announced. Took two weeks for delivery. I rarely use my desktop anymore, except for ripping CD’s.
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    Z51---Not a Mustang but pretty dang sharp

    I ordered mine in SEP 2019. My build date is OCT 2020, with an expected delivery date of NOV 2020! A 14 month wait! So much for summer...
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    What Was Your First Radar Detector

    Whistler Spectrum2 Looked like a personal arousal device.