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    Cobra Road - Scout Review

    Cobra makes great CB raidos and their stand alone dash cams (2208 with or without the GPS chip) are top notch. I have one in each of my cars for the last two years and they work perfectly. But when it comes to radar detectors the only good ones are the detectors that came from Escort. (Duel Pro...
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    Gail, I'm a long time Escort user I have had many Escort and Bel detectors going back to the late 70's. I now have an RL 360c and this is by far the best detector I have ever owned when working as it should. I have posted on Escort Form under bluelinex the problem this detector has with my new...
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for nickfolessbmvp

    Any one looking for a great detector at a nice price. Look at the Uniden R3 at Best Buy today for $259. This price is good for today and tomorrow and you can pick it up at the store or have it shipped to you. NOT BAD!!
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    Hey folks - Joe Cedar here

    Yes, but they don't want anyone else fooling with the features of the detector. They accurately said that in one of their early videos when they joined RD Form.
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    V1Gen2 MRCD

    To use JBV1 you must have an android phone. For me I only have an I phone and I do not want to run an extra phone just to use the V1, so when I'm in NY it will stay in my garage. Waze is very good and easy to use and it covers you for what the V1G2 is missing. It's just a personal thing , I want...
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    V1Gen2 MRCD

    My Uniden R3 & R7 report the signal as MRCD. They pick it up very well and I get very few false MRCD alerts. With my Red Line 360c I don't turn on the MRCD/CT detection because all the cams are in the Escort data base you get a warning about 300ft before the kill zone. As for my V1G2, it's...
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    I find the Escort detectors work best for me with the speed & red light cams. All of them are in the Escort data base and with weekly updates your always covered. I do not have to turn on the MRCD/CT in NY City. The R3 & R7 work well, you must turn it on but thankfully few false alerts to low...
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    1606876779 Waze is great but for me I'd rather have the detector do all the work. I don't like having to look at my phone for alerts. When I use my V1G2 I run it with V1 Driver it gives me low speed muting & auto lock outs without having to take my phone out of my pocket. Ether way we are...
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    With the MRCD/CT in NYC all the cams are stationary so if you are using an Escort detector with WiFi or Bluetooth ALL the cams are in the Escort data base, no need to turn on the MRCD/CT detection. I have yet to see a cam not in the Escort data base. With Uniden it's a little different. They...
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    R3 1.54, Max 3, Pro M w/ Ka filters, CR97, and Road Scout vs. 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

    Their is noting wrong with trying to save $$$ the trick is to get your moneys worth. For me I think the best bang for the buck detector right now is the Uniden R3. You can pick one up right now for around $300 and when they are available on the Uniden web site a factory refreshed one for about...
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    Fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me...I'm done

    Yes the V1G2 with all the filters turned off will detect MRCD/CT and also every door opener and car safety system with in 300ft of your car. This makes the V1 useless in that situation so to me it can not detect speed cams in a useful way, as for red light cams you still need WAZE. I'm sure Mike...
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    Whistler's next radar detector?

    Whistler was not bad back in the 90's and early 2000's but things have changed and they just don't cut it anymore. If your looking to get a very good detector for lees $$$ get a Uniden R3. You can pick up a new one now for about $300 and a factory referb for $225. It has range right up their...
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    Cobra 480i

    Unless if he's going to NY, then he would have to get a different detector. LOL You are right. Valintine didn't sell a detector for almost a year you would think he would have added MRCD/CT and red light & speed cam to it.
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    Cobra 480i

    The V1G2 can not detect MRCD/CT and has no red light or speed cam info. For that you need to run two phone apps at the same time. I will not use it in NY for that reason. In NJ it's a great detector in NY you have to use 2 apps to fully protect you. But if you don't need that protection your...
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    Cobra 480i

    If it works for you that's grate & your saving $$$ and getting good performance. Texas is wide open here in the northeast we have trees hills mountains traffic and buildings all around us. It cuts down the radar signal and you need a very sensitive detector to do the job. I tell anyone who asks...