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    Fraser Valley Rally

    What province is this gonna be in?
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    Heat map view Auto-Zoom preference / UI feature?

    I just would like to give you my personal thanks for this app. And I'm assuming i should still be using flightradar24 as server?
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    Heat map view Auto-Zoom preference / UI feature?

    Wow, that is impressive. I was thinking it couldn't be THAT good lol Idk if the aircraft reports are accurate here in canada, earlier today it was reporting something, but I couldn't see its location
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    Fine issued after the fact due to dashcam footage

    I stopped using a dash cam, when i got dicked with a a ticket and the cop wanted me to show him what i recorded, so since it could make me look worse , I've stopped using them.
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    Heat map view Auto-Zoom preference / UI feature?

    What is the heat map? Is that satellite imaging? Or does it have to do with police alerts?
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    Newcomer from ON , Canada

    Yes that was the next rd i was thinking about considering all the factors you mentioned. My beltronics Sti magnum is still doing the trick, however I wan't to keep updated. This thing is completely stealth and after running it for almost 5 years now I'm worried to make the switch to something...
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    Newcomer from ON , Canada

    thanks :)
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    ON, Qc, Mb, other outlaw province peeps

    nice i run a beltronics sti magnum , however, vortex confirmed that the R3 is not stealth? did they update it?
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    Say CHEESE in Ontario

    this is ****en non-sense. over policed under-protected province. Instead of catching real criminals lets focus on ppl who have no choice but to communte in a over-packed under-developed infrastructure and slap them with tons of fines trying to make their way to work to pay for a home over an hr...
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    Beltronics Sti

    K band depending on where you live either works great, or is a pos in high populated city highways. Distance is still great on it , It has saved me countless times to watch my speed and slow down, plenty of time to not get dinged by K band radar. I have a magnum but didnt come with K or Ka band...
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    Newcomer from ON , Canada

    Hello everyone. Nice to know there is a community out there with the same thoughts in mind to resist blatant cash grabs. New from dark territory [ ON, CA] where unfortunately and unfairly RD's are illegal. Been using RD's for years, started out with a cobra 9950 XRS, worked well 10 years ago...