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    Thoughts on the Escort IX

    Is it a decent radar do you know mate ?
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    Thoughts on the Escort IX

    Thoughts on the IX fellas ?
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    DFR7 NZ Settings

    Can anyone tell me what bands I should have on and off when using the DFR7
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    What’s everyone’s settings

    Just brought a DFR7 and wanting to know what bands a what not people have enabled and disabled
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    DFR7NZ vs Escort Passport Max #1

    allright fellas I’ve got the option to either purchase one or the other, both the passport and DFR7 are priced around the same (Second hand) I’ve watched videos on both radars and done a little research and I’m pretty much set on buying a DFR7 but just want to find out your thoughts on if it’s...
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    DFR7 be V1

    Yeah I’m eventually going to buy another Radar once the cash flow grows but I need something to get through the Christmas break haha
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    DFR7 be V1

    I was looking at buying another radar, I’m stuck between the DFR7 and the V1, I like the DFR7 for all the GPS features but talking to a couple mates they’ve all recommended the V1 So question is whats got better performance, more range and all round better to use cheers fellas
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    New Guy

    Sup guys new to the Radar Scene and also New to RDR, Vortex led me here haha