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  • I bought this R3 and it's already paid for itself within that hour is sniffed out a 35.5ka. Redline was silent till kill zone. the R3 out performed it in every way including K Band at 60% Advance mode K narrow.
    So happy with the R3 so far day one. And all the additional features of locking out frequencies and false alerts below 25 miles an hour or whatever you set it at. Wow
    Redline gone
    Glad Back!!! Getting rid of the Laser Interceptors for a dual TMG for the front where my LI are now. Cant Wait.
    Lost u r number text me sometime man
    hey man... tried calling your last saved number ending in 1441.... i sent you my number in a conversation so u should get it if not tell me. ttyl d
    Sorry, I didn't see your visitor message about the heads until today. The original buyer did end up taking them.
    me too sadisticpatrons!... sorry we couldn't do more runs with the one gun but will make up for that very soon. just ordered the cord which is approx. 225 and will be ordering tomorrow am. Thanx for coming and helping me be better and more knowledgeable!
    Hi, the LA-R is in perfect working condition. It's in MPH which is good if you're in the USA. It does not have to be plugged in to work. It comes with 5 or six rechargeable 9V batteries (and charger) Also comes with Manual. Let me know if you're interested as I would have to get a quote for shipping from Canada. Keep in touch.

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