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    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    Google Fi now offers BYOD, $20 a month plus $10/GB for data (and free data after your first 6GB). If you have Fi service on your main phone, you can order a free data-only SIM that will work in a phone, tablet, or hotspot, and only charges you for the data you actually use.
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    remove RTV silicone from windsheidl

    Good point, I remember that chart, but I'm having trouble digging it up again. According to the 3M spec sheet, VHB should be applied at a temperature between 20 and 40C, with a minimum of 10C. So either apply it in your garage if it's warm enough, or park the vehicle in the sun and let it warm...
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    remove RTV silicone from windsheidl

    VHB has different product numbers -- google the one you ordered and it will tell you the supposed temperature tolerance of the adhesive. I think all of the ones listed for automotive application are at least 200 degrees F though, so it shouldn't fail due to heat unless your car is actually on...
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    Rakuten Marketplace: Uniden R3 for $276.25 USD

    I was deciding between the R1 and the R3, not sure how much I'd use GPS. But in for a penny, in for a pound, right? As it turns out there a bunch of weird stationary X and K band falses where I drive regularly, so the GPS lockouts have been more useful than I anticipated. Plus the Quiet Ride...
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    Rakuten Marketplace: Uniden R3 for $276.25 USD

    Just wanted to mention that this deal is where I got my R3 as well. It shipped quickly and showed up sealed and brand new. Watching Slickdeals, it has come and gone a few times over the last few weeks, so keep an eye out if you're in the market for an R3.
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    DIY Windshield Repair Kits -- Experiences? Recommendations?

    This thread reminded me that I had two chips on my windshield that I've been ignoring, a spider on the passenger side and a bullseye on the drivers side. Both pretty low on the windshield, so not in the usual line of sight from either seat, and neither had spread or gotten worse since they...
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    Removeable Cupholder CB Mount

    I wanted a non-permanent way to mount my little Midland 1001Z that I fool around with sometimes. Grabbed a 12"x12" piece of 1/8" thick ABS plastic from Amazon; $3 shipped. I cut it to shape, with two "ears" on the sides of the radio where the U-bracket mounting bolts go. Then I used a heat gun...
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    Why Did You Get a Dashcam?

    That sounds like a fantastic setup. Reminds me of a post (I think it was on a Slickdeals thread, actually) about a guy who had a similar setup with a GPS speedometer set up in the video frame as well. Said he used it to beat a LIDAR ticket where the cop targeted the wrong vehicle. (My apologies...
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    It's 2019. Why are there not dash cams with encryption?

    Exactly -- the industry needs to focus on getting the basics working 100% before adding too many bells and whistles that may or may not get implemented properly. I can just imagine needing to install some clunky, never-updated, vulnerability-ridden proprietary software to watch my "encrypted"...
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    Waze Plugins.

    Honestly you're not missing too much, at least until Waze improves this feature. I'm a Spotify user, and the Waze integration works as expected maybe 50% of the time on my iPhone. I hit the Spotify button, it switches to Spotify and starts playing music, then when I switch back to Waze, it...
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    Why Did You Get a Dashcam?

    Just curious... was there a tipping point that made you pull the trigger on a dashcam setup? For me, I had spent a few days browsing r/Roadcam and saw a bunch of insurance scams and sketchy road rage incidents, so I was already doing some research on them. Then, that same week, my wife and I...
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    Anker Roav C1 Dashcam userbar
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    Noob Time

    Hey guys! Just got my first detector -- an R3. Spent a few days watching @Vortex videos and lurking here before pulling the trigger. I'm a serious nerd, so when I go for something, I get pretty obsessed. I've already got the R3 stealth mounted and hardwired... so yeah... Anyway, figured I'd...