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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Uniden R4 Pricing

    What is the port on the left side???
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    Uniden R4 Pricing

    I wonder what the remote keypad optional accessory is that is mentioned at the bottom.
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    Escort MaxCam 360c vs. the competition on 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

    If it were a Redline people would expect it to be stealth, which I doubt this is.
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    Escort MaxCam 360c vs. the competition on 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

    Seems like a solid option for those that want an all in one unit. Thanks for testing and the great write up!
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    DS1 First Drive and Feature Demo Videos - DC Fluid

    Oh wow, that's great to hear! I guess I should start researching how to hardwire it. I like to swap detectors around so that's the only remaining hurdle since everything else is RJ11.
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    DS1 First Drive and Feature Demo Videos - DC Fluid

    Thanks for the initial review. I can't wait to see how the DS1 performs on in your testing. When you mentioned that it is very quiet on your initial drive was that after you'd set it to [email protected]%? Better than an R3 with the same settings? I'd love to upgrade my R3 in the wife's car, but I was...
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    2 Weeks, 2300 Mile DS1 Initial Release Review

    Excellent review. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    DS1, V1G2, R7, R1 Low Power K and 35.5 Ka MWCTG

    Thank you for the great testing!!! I’m getting more comfortable with the recent K band tests of the latest R7 firmware. Interesting to see the DS1 differences from one course to another in each of the recent tests.
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    Been here for years, ready for my 1st post

    Congrats on the first post! I don’t have a V1 but I’d recommend clearing Bluetooth devices and putting your V1 Bluetooth module in pairing mode before you start trying to connect. That generally works with most connections. Are you looking to upgrade from your V1 anytime soon?
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    Apple Admits iPhone on Motorcycle Damage Possible

    I’d imagine mountain biking with my phone mounted will have the same effect.
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    Police using 77GHz

    Welcome to the forum! Has the FCC designated a use for that band that would prohibit speed enforcement in the US?
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    Uniden R4 Initial Test Results

    Is the power port on the right side? That would be worth the upgrade to me, haha! Edit: I see it is right side in the video!
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    Radenso DS1 vs. 33.8, 34.7, 35.5, Red Barn Test

    I’ve been staying out of the manufacturer supplied detector discussion, because I have full trust in @Vortex being transparent, however I think it would be a good idea to footnote test results and reviews of manufacturer supplied units with a disclaimer stating the fact and indicating that the...