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    Rigid Industries lights

    For wiring you'll typically use a relay where 86 is to your switch and 87 or 87a is to your lights. This keeps the current down in the wiring running to the switch (inside the cab) and is the proper way to wire aux lights. There's plenty of different switch designs and ways to wire up 86 as...
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    Purchase an R3 with the R4 due out soon?

    R3 can be resold easily when you're done with it for the same amount
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    Radio Detector and Airports

    Only issue I've had was the mirror mount (off amazon/ebay) is a bulky metal mass with a weird shape, they always wanted to take a look and know what it's for. The RD though, they don't care. Recommend sticky cup/suction cups for travel haha. Flew international Alberta to Vegas, both flights...
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    Where can I go for custom rear ALP head covers?

    Yeah I need to pick up a couple of magnets and do this. Mine aren't an enclosed space so dust can build up on the back side of the lens. They weren't as dirty as I was expecting though after driving down all the gravel roads to work.
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    Calgary Redflex Locations - Advice?

    For westbound they love near the ford dealer, you probably saw the "Photo radar <- <- <-" Sign. Eastbound they have a couple of spots that they like. They seem to like westbound in the mornings and eastbound after noon.
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    Calgary Redflex Locations - Advice?

    You can count on Edson to hit you in the rear with a lidar gun.
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    Alp 2 Rx 1 Tx 2017. Silverado 2500

    Depending on where you drive you're gonna want 2 TX heads for that front end (but one works pretty good)
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    1.37 Sleep issue?

    Yes it was my R7 that would sleep on power cycle. Seemed to be caused when MRCD was on and when it was hot outside. It's a defective unit.
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    Calgary Redflex Locations - Advice?

    MRCD is way easier to detect than redflex, on detectors that have MRCD detection. It's different technology.
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    Calgary Redflex Locations - Advice?

    R7 can sniff these near the trap when mounted horizontally, most detectors only get a weak signal in the kill zone
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    Calgary Redflex Locations - Advice?

    @Mythic01 pretty much has the spots covered off that I see as well. Park on East side of road shooting northbound traffic. Up a hill in a 50 to 70 km/h transition zone, this is the one @System says is 2pm daily. 14 st On occasion they park here on the south side, shooting eastbound traffic. 4...
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    Interstate Speeds

    Add a detector to decrease the odds of getting a ticket, don't get it to go faster. No matter what you can still get caught if unlucky enough.
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    The same Turbo S as mine at the strip 😜

    Wow crazy how you found a rare car that's identical to yours at the drag strip! 🧐 Definitely very lucky!! Fast AF too.
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    Sugru Question

    It leaves behind a residue that can be hard to get off, hasn't been a deal breaker for me. It would be fine on a leased car imo they won't care or notice the little bit left behind. To remove the bulk of it you just need to cut through it, do not try to pull the head off without cutting the sugru...