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  • I get the stalker lz1 tomorrow before noon. and he said hes sending a new refurbished battery and not a used one. the lz1 battery pack is close to 200.00 so im hoping this battery holds a charge for a couple hours. the new prolaser3 battery delivered yesterday is new and dated 6/14 and tested by kustom....
    the lz1 gave your jammers some p/t and mine too and blinder hp905 had some real long p/t
    this will be a very ood test now having 3 guns and the lz1 is known to give e04 which is a jam code but it will throw it all the time even if aiming at headlight so they say most cops don't pay attention but is smart to kill jammers right away anytime but especially with guns giving a jam code....even though its legal, don't want to piss the wrong cop off.
    I just the stalker lz-1 shipping tomorrow. so that's 3 guns. this ones always been tough to jam back in west palm late 2005 range. this gunnow totals 3 guns I have and will arrive by aug 1 at latest. w/ new battery, cert.
    prolaser3 new battery should be here tomorrow.
    the lrb is good for testing but the prolaser 3 is awesome for long range and so is the stalker. cant wait to test out with ya all 3
    got prolaser 3 today. only tested in neigh bor hood testing this weekend 2 members. anyways, I was jtg, jfg just like against lrb. I shot he drove for me and I got nothing. li has this nailed down....and only other real poular with fhp is the laser atanta
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