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    Hello there

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    Hi from New York - and traffic ticket with LTI Ultralyte

    Welcome to the... :frown: Bummer about the ticket. LIDAR is :devil:evil
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    Couldn’t find a good window mount so made my own

    Nice work. Looks nice and sturdy. No bounching or shaking. 😎👍🏻
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    New To RDForum

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    Greetings from N E Ohio

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    New member

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    Best mounting location?

    Visor mount. If you have the one that came with it. 😷👍🏻
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    Paint Protection on the New Odyssey

    Loved all my white vehicles because they stayed cleaner looking longer versus my red, blue and maroon ones.
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    Thread 'South Carolina Beaufort County SD with new Toys!'
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    Hi @rob4. Unfortunately I've not documented any encounters around the Charleston, SC area for local LEOs. The SCHP use 34.7 & 35.5 in the patrol cars and 34.7 & PL III on the Moto units.
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    Here from MD

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    Pennsylvania 2021 RADAR for local PD use bill

    Good info @soberbyker. I'll be headed for PA this weekend and for now I will only have to deal with the PSP only. 😀👍 Looks like it could be an interesting year for PA'ers 👎
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    Laser missed RL 360c 1.7

    I mount low to aid in the detection of Lidar even though your usually burnt toast anyway. Unless you're using countermeasures and they are working well. Unfortunately they are illegal in my state.
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    Greetings from Maryland!

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