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    Target BluEye? 2020 thread

    So the question for me this, is it able to decode the correct frequency of control channel data to determine what freq pair to use. Is anything capable to decode the audio from P25 (I &II) and the other encryption types? I am just wondering, I use to have a Uniden but pretty much hated it, the...
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    Any news on R7 Auto lockouts?

    I thought it was settled?
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    Locations where additional Ka segments (ie. segment 6) are needed

    I am trying to catch up on what is got on with them. Considering get one, currently have a R7 which I really love but the hype over the Escort has me wondering if it's worth the $800 for it. 🤔
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    New R7 loaded with v1.33

    I hope not, but who knows anymore. I am just glad they do not toss out junk code just to update. Tells me a lot when we go from 1.29 to 1.34... they have been hard at work testing and breaking the code. I would rather wait a bit longer than get junk code that doesn't work.
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    Is the Redline 360c too complicated?

    Maybe it's me but it seems one of the easy things to do.... Kinda Wouldn't it be nice feature.... Have the GPS automatically determine the GEO location and turn on and bands and band segments. To me that would an amazing feature. I am sure the software to do that is a rather large file for such...
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    Upgrading from Uniden DFR7 to the R7

    I came from a R3 to a R7... I prefer my R7 hands down. Nothing really wrong with the R3 have to one my best friends. All he had was some pile junk, he thought he hit the lottery it works so good for him. Have a great day and enjoy the ride with the R7. Monus
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    K filter on reduce performance?

    I am near Knoxville (Lenior City), I very rarely take mine out of City mode. Excellent range and protection even in City mode. Rear balance is set to 60% and still have great warning distance from them coming from behind. Gi Big Blue!!!! 😂
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    Redline 360c - Concerning sudden odd Ka falsing started only on 7th drive! (2nd drive with firmware 1.4) and only on return trip!

    To be absolutely honest I suspect a hardware issue. You have a loose ground on something that generating a bunch internal nose. About 99% sure it's hardware not a software issues. I would return it and if possible get a replacement unit. The way the boards are designed they surface mount and...
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    Recommended Rear Bal Setting (R7)?

    Where I live near Knoxville TN I run in City mode full time. In Highway mode the alert distance is insane... Seriously. In City I still have at least a mile or better alert notice. Rear balance is set to 60% and stops alerting way outside any kill zone they have coming from behind.
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    New R7 loaded with v1.33

    You seem with the lawsuit that happened a cease and desist order would have been enforce. So no they could do now work towards the auto lockouts. They more than likely had submit code architecture and archives to the court as evidence. So that has put them how far behind because of that...
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    Uniden R7 update is up

    I have installed the update,. Where I am it is is really quite. Still get the occasion CVS bleep but it's next to the PD station so I am not always sure.... LOL. I have the CVS door locked out but always use extra caution in that area. Not encountered anything out of the ordinary that I have...
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    MRCD testing - R1/R3 FW 1.53 vs MultaRadarCD

    Maybe it's just me if the MRCD cameras are in fixed location why not set-up a location marker? That way you always get a marker plus alert. Just thinking out loud. 🤔
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    Uniden R7 update, when can we expect it?

    Can link it or screenshot it?
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    Locations where additional Ka segments (ie. segment 6) are needed

    I kinda hate that, I am more of a page stalker than poster. 😭 Oh well maybe someday I can reach the "Golden Circle". 😂 Stay safe guys! 1603560258 Thank you! I might try this set up and see what I get. (If I can remember 😂) Have a great day! 1603561077 So turn on Seg 1 also?
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    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Thank you very much. 👍