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    Looking into purchasing an R3 or R7, and have a couple questions.

    One thing you haven’t brought up is GPS auto lockouts. R7 has those and R3 doesn’t have enough memory to add them. Another nice to have is arrows. I have an R3 and there are times with longer duration detections that it would be nice to know if I’m following the bogey or if I’m being...
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    Is it stupid to run laser jammers on your daily?

    There should be a forum for show off your rental car install!! I’d love to see how people did that.
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    Best mounting location?

    State of the art detector deserves state of the art mounting. I’ve found it to point it towards the sky, mounting location means little. Point up and mount where you want.
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    New Uniden R3 Owner in Cody, Wyoming

    I’ve never had a problem with locking out doors with my R3. It’s strange they would drift enough to no longer be locked. I wonder if you locked one frequency coming from one direction and another coming from a different direction, if you could make your ride a little more pleasant? Quiet ride...
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    New to the forum

    @sdrawkcaB Have you seen much intel on I80? It seems we get a lot on I15 but I it doesn’t seem like many of us travel east/west once we get down into central Utah.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum! There are a few Northern Utah folks on here willing to help and learn from others. Hope you enjoy the group.
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    Your Car’s Computer Can’t Keep Secrets

    Thanks. It makes one think a little.
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    Your Car’s Computer Can’t Keep Secrets

    In the link below, check out the types of things stored in a cars’ computer they are starting to use in court and thieves can access now days. I knew of black boxes that stored the last few seconds of data before an incident, but actual voices, long term GPS, etc. were well beyond my...
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    What is the sensitivity reduction in City mode on the R3?

    In advanced mode, I believe you can drop x and k to about 30%, though it might be 40%. I remember there is a pretty large gap between the minimum you can set in advanced mode and the 18% in city mode. And the 18% is 18% sensitivity and not a reduction of 18%, which would be 82% sensitivity...
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    Theia RF Architecture

    Every party has a pooper.
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    Where are all thr speed traps in PA

    That sounds like a lot of small towns in Idaho. One ISP, a few county cops, and a few city cops. It was a little harder to find radar around the southeastern county I grew up in. It seemed easy enough if you didn’t want to see one, but if you wanted to, they were nowhere in sight.
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    Utah: “Super Speeders” trending at near 41% yearly increase.

    I suppose those are a little easier to jam than some? Of course this is a theoretical question as jammers are not allowed in Utah and thus, nobody has them or would know. 1605757501 They might take it too far and outlaw Zombie as well.
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    Utah: “Super Speeders” trending at near 41% yearly increase.

    The trend of what they were calling “Super Speeders” on the radio (not to be confused with Rob Ferretti) continues to climb in Utah. They predict that by the end of the year, people pulled for 100+ will have increased by 41% over the previous year. Pulls for PSL +20 are also increasing at a...
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    Keeping the tailgate down on your truck to defeat photo enforcement?

    In theory, that that could add a level of danger to occupants in a car that rear ended you. Also in theory, it could save countless people from rolling on the ground and crying or bracing themselves on your truck with grimy fingers after accidentally banging their leg on the trailer hitch!!
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    Utah, another Stalker drifting high. 34.802

    The 34.400 might not be low enough. I came across a UHP unit in a parking lot transmitting at 34.7xx from the front antenna and 34.348 from the rear antenna. That’s the max drift I’ve seen.