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    Forum/Counter Measure/Radar Detector Acronyms/Glossary/Abbreviations

    Thanks for making this list... there should be a link on the main page for us newbies.
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    Chicago Tribune - Buying Guide for Best Radar Detectors 2020

    Agreed, then when you know an area and you know they report complete nonsense you realize Trump was right... Fake news is all over.
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    CarPlay and audio output

    @Vortex I personally find that the Iphone is missing a lot of features specifically when you are using Bluetooth in the car. There should be a way to set individual volumes for each app that might BLARE through your sound system, ie: if your listening to Iphone music, or the actual radio and...
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    Introducing "V1 Companion" ios app - *NEW* version 2.05 is available.

    Any issues with heat with a V1 G2 if you put it above the visor if it well pointed? Just wondering I did have an issue with R3
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    Introducing "V1 Companion" ios app - *NEW* version 2.05 is available.

    Just wondering, in not allowed states, when you disconnect your V1 in a hurry, will the screen go dark to hide what your running to prevent someone from seeing what was on your phone on your dash?
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    Question around first batch of Theia

    Well, no, as they have no budget but then there are less of them. If Apple is right, the common man made them a trillian dollar company.
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    New V1 Generation 2 FAQ

    Thanks for this
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    Toronto Settings for Pro M?

    MRCD is being used think low level school zone speed cameras.
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    R7 firmware update on Mac - Issues

    I agree, I keep my mac at 10.13.6 because I have some software that would have to goto a liscence model which I refuse to buy, in fact any software that is yearly liscence is off the grid for me. 1587911309 Do you know if the R3 has been cut back as well on the update? Thanks... 1587912539 I...
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    Is Beltronics STI Magnum and STI Driver still good?

    Magnum works well, is undetectable but is a bit noisy at times with BSR. On a two lane highway it is the best, in a multi lane environment it can get you desensitized a bit to a real alert with cross chat of BSR.
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    MRCD / MRCT locations

    I was driving in Kissimmee on 535SR about 10 days ago if I remember right and i got an MRCD hit on my R3.
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    Is r7 worth upgrading from r3

    Thanks I did not realize the patent was holding him back
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    Is r7 worth upgrading from r3

    Yeah, V1 seems to have a brain lock on not having a built in GPS. Now it would make the detector bigger but ONE DEVICE is what I was looking for, I DO NOT want Lockouts.
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    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    If they could be made with covers that hide what they are that would even be more interesting...