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  • Mike...When I go to dark view and then return to YaV1 V1 detector is dark. But when I turn off dark mode and exit and reenter Valentine V1 stays dark. Just my input. Check it out to confirm.

    Thanks for your contribution.

    William Boney
    Hi Mike,
    I just came to RDF after a while and I see you got the LE integrated. Indeed the LE connection is asynchronous, so the non LE connection was synchronous in the app. In the app there are also some Russian translation that you can get rid of (they have stop to translate X versions ago).
    I was thinking to transfer the YaV1 app to you (Google play level I mean), I do not know how to do this though and even if it's possible at all !! I'll have a look !

    Cheers and thanks for the work !
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