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    Am I stupid to hardwire my R7?

    No, the only problem with hard wiring I have is muting (there are ways around that) I just wish the Uniden R7 came with a little remote (blue tooth) so you could mute without reaching up to do it
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    New Mac user cannot update my R3

    Have a look here post #15 drivers and tool. I put this on my mac book pro and latest iMac no problems
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    R7 firmware update on Mac - Issues

    I just installed the tool V1.2 and drivers on My Laptop running macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and it works fine reading my R7, using the drivers and tool V1.2 from here.see photo for the Uniden site ( )
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    R7 firmware update on Mac - Issues

    Have you had a look under Security and Privacy(Mac) in System Preferences and down at the bottom there is Allow Apps this will block it and you will have to tick Allow
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    Post & Get Your User Bars Here!

    Has anyone got he correct code for the R7 banner in signature as the ones above don't seem to work. no rush as I have 10 days left at home
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    R7 firmware update on Mac - Issues

    Iam also running High Sierra and works fine. have a look here
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    Uniden R7 - Firmware Change-log and Outstanding Issues

    Probable why Uniden haven't put 1.29 up on their website (US) for download
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    Lucky are those who wait.

    Amazon $519 as I write
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    $15 R3? Must be biggest scam ever

    Shipping going to cost you $300
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    Uniden R3 GPS Error

    Good news, GPS's are funning things, some days mine will pick up inside and outside and very quick and the next time its halfway down the drive
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    Updating firmware, Data vs. Charging cable

    Do you have Antivirus installed ?? turn it off.
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    Uniden R3 GPS Error

    Is it directly under the mirror, I have the same mount with no problems, but I moved it forward a little so it's not directly under it. (see photo)
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    Best mounting options??

    This is the new Blendmount installed, Mirror Tap RJ11 10" (should of got the 15") Very stable, price is up there BUT worth it. 2017 Chevy Silverado
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    Best mounting options??

    Just put the Blendmount in tonight very happy
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    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    Coming from a country that has lot of them and people know how to use them 95% of the time, the ones in the US are just there to slow down the impact