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    Uniden R7 vs. Edmonton

    I run this route often and use my R1. Pretty good so far, a few long distant saves.
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    First Laser Hit with R1 only

    First hit with a laser. Scared the crap outta me. I was only doing about 8km over so no ticket but never seen the LEO until i viewed my dash cam. Sorry for the sound. It was a 5 hour drive and I was rockin it loud!
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    Busted 31kms over

    My R1 is in Alberta. Gotta get one for Ontario. Looking to get a stealth install for Ontario, and you are right they do use laser much more there....
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    New girl from New England saying hi

    A warm welcome from Canada
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    5 head TMG on my C7 Corvette - JTG

    Awesome..... Going to do an install in my C7 as well. Glad to hear this
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    Busted 31kms over

    True that..... I kinda regretted the ticket amount but it is legal in Alberta to run detectors.... However, not that there will be a next time, but best to just smile and keep quiet.. I agree
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    Busted 31kms over

    Yes thinking Netradar DSP.. Exactly
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    Busted 31kms over

    I wasn't in my vette. but yes I plan to spend to install a total stealth system in the vette if I can, and also a less expensive system in my daily driver. All remote and hidden. Also thinking to carry an old useless detector in a back seat in case I get detected and give it up. I have been...
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    Busted 31kms over

    Well at least now I know its 50kms over PSL. Thanks guys........Yes I want a stealth setup for sure. $200 buck fine is easily handled but just pissed I got tagged. Brenda
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    Busted 31kms over

    Well, I was not thinking and thought i was still in Alberta running my R1 I guess. I was running Waze but the LEO was oncoming at night and I didn't have my RD as it is illegal here in Ontario. LEO was friendly, but didn't give me any breaks. I wasn't sure on the racing thing so i didn't ask...
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    Spectre Testing on the Uniden R7

    I bought my R1 based on Vortex's vids, I use the R1 in Alberta so no big deal but going for a total stealth setup in vette in ontario. R1 wasn't in the plan for the vette anyway in Ontario, but still disappointed that it can be detected.
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    Has Everyone Seen 32 Hours 7 Minutes?

    Just watched it. Pretty good overall............... Can't wait if there are more coming out! I think that would be awesome to try. I have wondered that myself. "Sea to Sea, Canada"
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    2018 Audi Q5: Building my Ultimate Radar Detector & Laser Jammer testing platform

    Just watched and commented on YT. AWESOME is such an understatement. You have the ultimate test bed ever !!!! Cant wait for new vids
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    TMG on 2016 Corvette

    Awesome! This summer I want to get a total stealth install with "parking sensors" and radar on my corvette. My vette is in an area that doesn't allow jammers, or radar actually.