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  • Doesn't seem too strict. I'm actually on break now, back up in CT for the summer, will be back in august. Havent been on the forums much myself, life does tend to get in the way.
    Hey man, just browsing threads and noticed that you're in SRQ. I'm in Bradenton, go to school in Lakewood Ranch! Good to see someone right in the area.
    Hello Fellow G8 Owner,

    Do you have any pics of your LI installation? I have not seen any good jammer installations on the G8 in my searching.

    I just found out (from news story not personal experience LOL) that IMPD (Indy) is using Truespeed lasers for traffic enforcement. Therefore I am considering a jammer. ISP uses laser but I do not spend a lot of time on the interstate. But it appears the locals are starting to use laser.

    If you have pics I will not post them online nor will I forward them to anyone else.

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