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  • Hi Mitheru I also got a R3 from the USA version firmware 150.208.115. Can I please get a copy of the compatible NZ database? Cheers Brian
    Hi Mitheru, I just got an R3 from the USA version 1.50/2.08 ( firmware 150.208.115). Can I please get a copy of the compatible NZ database? Many thanks. Paul
    Hi Mithheru, I'm based in Wellington and have a NZ DFR7 running the NZ v1.02 firmware - Interested in getting the GPS database upgraded to your NZ GPS version 2.12 and happy to pay, can I drop this off to you? Thanks and regards, Zakk
    Hi Mithheru, dudeinnz suggested your the best person to ask....just received a US R3 with the 148.207.114 firmware and would like help to load the AUS db - located in Adelaide SA. Any help appreciated. Thanks John
    Hi mate, I've found myself here after hours of research wondering why Uniden R3 (Purchased off Amazon) wasn't picking up speed cameras etc around Auckland. I understand your the man to ask regarding this ? May i please have a copy of the NZ Database you have created? Thanks in advanced: [email protected]
    Hi Mithheru, I see you have a way of loading the nz camera database onto us r3. Are you able to help me with this?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Hi Mithheru, is there a chance you could please supply me a copy of the new DB for my US R3. Just getting tired of the sites that don't have cameras anymore.

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