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  • Hello Woodscolby,

    I just self-installed an ALP on an F150 and would like to get it checked out. Can I set up a time? How does it all work? Do we just meet somewhere by appointment? How much do you charge? etc.

    I am in Lubbock but go to DFW often. In fact, I have some downtime right now where I could run to DFW whenever you find a time that works for you.


    Jered Sellers
    Hey man, I got a new setup... totaled my car and was wondering if you'd be able to test it for me.

    I'd have to drive from Austin, but I can't seem to find anyone nearer to me that can test.

    Hey man I'm going to be in Dallas on Saturday.

    Was wondering if we could meet up to test my LI setup.


    Thanks for helping me test. Hopefully I'll get this issue resolved and we'll get better results next time!
    I saw you name as an editor in the Oklahoma wiki. I have info about Oklahoma, but I can't edit the wiki. To whom do I give this info?
    Ferry Corsten – Ain't No Stoppin' - feat. Ben Hague
    Old but classic. By the way I'm sending you a PM about my jammer situation.
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