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  • RR, shoot me a pm with details. If you are going to call me, i will be available after 6:30pm today
    :) Hi Red Rocket
    I see you have a Challenger and was wondering if you had any pics of the install ? I looked thru the threads about the CHARGER and could not find a completed install for a Challenger . I just bought 2010 SRT. color is Plum Crazy, And want to put the 5 heads on , 3 front and 2 rear. Also where did you find the headlight covers noted ? I have been looking all over for them.
    Very well, Bert.
    Better hurry-up...there's no telling how long this warm weather is going to last. Sure has been great for my wallet not having to buy home heating oil b/c we're having sub-zero temps !
    I have several Lidar guns for use to make sure your install is fully functioning.
    Hey Red, thanks so much for the offer, I really appreciate that!! Yes, the car doesn't get driven in the rain etc. unless I get caught in it.. lol If I decide to finish this up i will let you know.. Again, thank you, that's really nice of you, it also makes me feel much better!!
    No,I wish I had 8x scope (Model B) would be perfect for that distance.I can see the car at that distance(& farther,too) by eye w/o problem.At night would be even easier to spot taillights.
    I will admit I can't see LP or taillights at that I gently&slowly "pan" around trying to find it.
    Your PL3 should do 6000' no problem.
    Cool... does the LA have a magnified scope in order to see what you're shooting at that range? I don't think I could pinpoint a car at that distance with my PL3.
    I was the shooter,yesterday.After stopping at Admiral Metals in Woburn for LJ bracket stock I headed home.Stopped at jct. of Rt.128 & Rt. 3N in Burlington.Went to shoulder & pulled out the LaserAtlanta.Only spent ~5min+ b/c frequently "patrolled" w/ Staties.Long view has to be 11-12,000'.I believe I'm still not close to the limits of this gun.All shots handheld,I'll get longest distance on a Tripod I'm sure.
    Looongest Lidar shot: 9001.9' @ -71.4mph (PSL 55mph)
    Curious... were you the shooter or the shootee? Do you know what gun?
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