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    I can pack one cord in the V1 case ....

    I have another trip coming up. I’ll try out the extra V1 flat cable that I have.
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    I can pack one cord in the V1 case ....

    . .... which one should I use? The coiled or the telephone cable? I grabbed my case last weekend and jumped into a non-RD equipped car. V1 case V1 gen 1 V1 visor mount V1 coiled cord V1 dual port power adapter (My suction cup is BlendMounted in my car) Setup in the vehicle was smooth...
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    Theia international buyers

    It might be an ITAR issue limiting the distribution.
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    In Florida, my recommendation for a radar detector is the Uniden R1 over the Uniden R7, Valentine 1, Valentine 1 Gen.2 , Radenso, etc.

    considering the volume of tickets dealt with in the OP’s area alone the speed enforcement business is clearly a HUGE racket lol .
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    Florida Roll Call

    Miami checking in.
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    Looking for a specific RD+ Carrying Case

    Some inspiration: I’ve had the smaller one for a while for a some gopros. I’ve always wanted more room and got the larger one from the link above, for more gopros. But here is some inspiration for you. Again, use kaizen foam, which I cut to fit in there and that’s a Samsung S6 I like...
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    Review: Valentine One's Carrying Case for the V1 and V1G2

    Ready for Hertz Premium Car rental mode :D
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    Update on V1Driver for V1-Gen2 (and Gen2)

    Has anyone reported that V1D, on Ford Sync, will “make a call” on an alert if the head unit is set to radio? Nearest I can tell it goes into phone mode, overriding the radio, then back to radio mode when the alert is over. It has done this since the day I got V1D a couple of years ago, in two...
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    Quick & Dirty Redline 360c 34.7 Testing

    Any prelim results?
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    My V1G2 is falling apart.

    Damn those who use adhesives in heat challenged designs. Detector body, flexible display/cover, snap in bezel with lip to hold down display. Though my V1G1 has done fine hanging on its blend mount in south Florida. Damn those who use THE WRONG adhesives in heat challenged designs. lol .
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    Looking for a specific RD+ Carrying Case

    If that were me I’d get either sort of GoPro carry case below Or (slightly smaller despite the price) and get some 20mm kaizen foam. I would then trace the shape of each larger item into the foam and cut part way through, to leave some foam on...
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    Those that run a detector everyday.

    BSM filtering Also, that the police USE their radars lol Here in south Florida it is important to use Waze as well.
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    Which fuse is ok to replace with a fuse tap?

    - my CM station is hardwired and has switched power (F87) !!!! MUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
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    Quick & Dirty Redline 360c 34.7 Testing

    Thanks! Perhaps my V1G2 will be the one I order toward the end of this month. -
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    My First impressions of V1G2

    There's been about four experiences with lidar. Two involved a car ahead that got hit and triggered my V1 The other two were: a strange car profile on the side of the road, me thinking that must be an officer standing with the car door open aiming something at me and me slowing down from...