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    New from Georgia!

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    INFO 2020 South Florida Spring Testing Event - Results are up!

    when I had 3 RX/TX on my van the heads had a larger space between heads. Doing a good job of covering the whole front end. When I replaced the center head with an TX head, I was getting PT center mass. I had to move RX/TX closer to center to fix center mass PT.
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    Are you buying Theia when it is available? (Poll)

    I'm in no hurry for a new unit because most of my summer travel have have been cancelled. I willing to wait for that unit that does not need a auto-lock system, because where I need a good system is in area that I have not been before. I also need a unit that has great K band detection without...
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    Theia timeline

    Maybe it will be the other way around. Lower price for early adopter and increase in price when item goes out of stock and higher demand. There may be a lot of people waiting for how good it really is and for any problem to be work out when first released
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    Central Florida ALP installation recommendations requested

    You might even look into have a shop run the cables which usually is the hard part for the DIY and you do the important part of installing and mounting the sensor. Shop usually do a good job of cable install. Few shop do a good job of placement and sensor install. Best install is when sensor...
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    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    I am also interested in getting 2 front alp holders, that can be made, PM me on how much. Has any design be made for the TX sensor.
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    Trick Learned to Align Jammer Sensors Heads

    I would double check your level, those that come with ALP have been known not to be accurate. You check a Level by placing it on a level surface and then flipping it upside down. It should read the same. My car and I believe most have a V shape, so any kind of jig would need to have a large...
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    Saved by a rabbit.

    good use of driver Awareness Also got gas for 1.45 last Thursday at a Sams here in Atlanta Ga. Mostly likely also lower today. Driver seem like they are driving faster then normal, Have gone by several LEO's, Seem like they just watching traffic and not ticketing,
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    MRCD? Speed Cam ID?

    Georgia just pass new law allowing school to use speed camera's The speed camera are supplied by the RedSpeed company. Here is there web site. I believe they use MRCD.
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    NetRadar ARF - The Cat's Meow!

    thanks for info
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    NetRadar ARF - The Cat's Meow!

    got it to work with my Moto G6 andriod phone. The Moto G6 has a great display for a dedicated phone, but has a long delay when alerting, So I have not been using it using it.
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    NetRadar ARF - The Cat's Meow!

    The few times I have tried to save the ARF data, it seem like it not storing anything, I hold the mute down for the 3 second on my iphone 11 cellphone and see nothing indicating that it was saved. When I come across the same BSM again it alert like nothing has changed. May need to try a...
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    GATG Poll to check interest in a Fall/Winter Meet

    I will be there if you have the count
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    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    When using BT, the speaker does not work, only sound from phone. When running BT the control pad has no light and only can be used to cancel the Jamming. If you have netradar it best to use BT, If you only have Jammer it best to use HiFI and use BT for changing Configuration and updating software
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    Have you ever picked up rear shot scatter with your front ALPs?

    When I had 3 RC/TX up front I could point my laser test out the window in the garage and the AP would pick up the laser bouncing off the wall. Pretty good considering the low power of the laser tester.