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    Howdy from Wisconsin

    Welcome from the MKE burbs.
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    Single cup or double cup mount for R7?

    Single cup mount. Holds like a rock. Never falls off, even in cold WI winters. I also didn't like the bounce that came with using the dual cup mount.
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    Make this easy please

    I would definitely keep K-band on because there is LOTS of it around here (at least in SE WI). For the most part I run all the same settings (the ones that are checked below) and noted where I run something different. But it's a personal preference thing, how much falsing you can tolerate vs...
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    Proposed Red Light & Speed Cameras in Milwaukee

    Noooooooo... :doh:
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    Complete Black background

    I like the RDF 2020 Dark
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    Hey all

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the R7 as much as I do.
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    What brand of detector do you use as your daily radar detector?

    I don't see Rocky Mountain Radar on the list?!? :rock: :rofl:
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    What Radar Detectors have you owned?

    Cincinnati Microwave Escort Cincinnati Microwave Passport Escort Passport 3200 (then added piggyback Passport 1000 Laser Detector once that came out) Escort Passport 4500 SuperWide Escort Passport 8500 Escort Passport 9500ix Escort Redline-O Uniden R1 Uniden R3 Uniden R7
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    R7 potential issue

    I can attest to this. One day a while back (this was still with my R3) I was driving through the town next to where I live (very small town with only 1 LEO vehicle) and he was set up at the entrance to the quarry where there aren't any trees in the vacinity and it was a straight shot...picked...
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    My R7 first impressions

    I also run at 60% and get plenty of range, consistently getting 2.4 mile detections from a pole mounted speed sign on one route (would probably get more than that but huge hill blocks the signal beyond that) and the falses aren't bad at all. Now that's also going to depend on where you're...
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    Do You Hide Your CM's from Potential Thieves?

    I'm always comes down when I'm not in/near the car. It comes into work with me and it comes inside at home (where I keep it in my nuclear bomb shelter next to my excess Y2K rations :rofl: )
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    My R7 first impressions

    I would have to agree with @crabu2 and the OP, that the R7 screen doesn't seem as bright as the R3 was on the same settings (I ran RED with DIM for day and DIMMER for night on both units). Obviously I could go to the BRIGHT screen setting but I'm trying to avoid screen burn-in and I'm just...
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    What color lights does the state police use in your state? and blue, sometimes with white flashers.
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    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    Mine is the opposite, it's so tight that for a moment I thought about filing the sides of the metal clip to make it easier sliding on/off. But I like it cuz the detector doesn't move or bounce one iota, even on the lovely roads we have around here. 1556222167 I have that too where the...