Higado de Acero

I work at the University of Antofagasta directing the Technology Transfer Office. My job is basically business development from innovations developed in the University. I'm a Software Engineer with a Master in Applied Microbiology and Certified in innovation @ MIT. My life works around project management of different nature which includes: social projects in agriculture, IT develoment for platforms, biotechnology, health and many other areas.

I enjoy the freedom my car gives me. It is a very modest Chery Face GLX, chineese and I can prodly say that, together we have gone to the Death Valley in the Andes, close to San Pedro de Atacama and with tough terrain, my car made it good =).

I enjoy spending time with my cute future wife and beautiful kid. I live a simple life and try to make the most of it.

Radar detectors, airsoft gaiming, iphone apps and many other stuff


:userbar8: HWY Desert Settings: X off - K on - Ka Segs 5,8 on - LSR on - TSR off - RDR off.
:userbar19: A backup, but not good enough.

Encounters with the enemy:

Lidar Encounters: 8 (Last on 31/10/2013)
Radar Encounters: 6 (Last on 23/02/2014 )

Tickets Obtained: 0 Invictus! :parrot: (Parking tickets don't count!)

LEO Toys
- Kustom Golden Eagle in KPH (SOLD)
- LTI Ultraylite Compact in KPH 125 pps. (SOLD)
- Kustom Pro Laser III

My favourite quote from Criminal Minds. :D
Hotch: Well, I wouldn't have kept kicking you, I was afraid you didn't get my plan.
Reid: I got your plan the minute you moved the hostages out of my line of fire.
Hotch: Well I hope I didn't hurt you too badly.
Reid: Hotch, I was a twelve year old child prodigy in a Las Vegas public high school. You kick like a nine year old girl.