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    Valentine One VS Uniden R7 - Fair Comparison

    My post was agreeing with what you just replied to me :)
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    Valentine One VS Uniden R7 - Fair Comparison

    You may be asking for too much... I agree with you though. I had a V1 and when I was full into programming it the way I wanted it, it was unbeatable. Sure, the R7 would beat it in range but my situational awareness would be much less which is another key factor in figuring out if there is a cop...
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    July 20th! MWTC Meet.

    I am also down.
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    How much do you spend on gas?

    I drive about 60 miles round trip M-F plus whatever I do over the weekends which can be another 50-100ish miles total. Premium gas at like $3 with a 16ish gallon tank adds up to like $50 and I usually go through a tank and a half per week so about $75 per week if I'm being conservative. Car...
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    DFR7 Issue with MD State Troopers

    Many things are advertised to do things that they really don't. Look at Rocky Mountain.
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    DFR7 Issue with MD State Troopers

    They are call radar detectors for a reason. They detect radar not cops or laser. Some of them will detect laser but they will only act as a ticket notifier. If you want protection against laser, your only option is a laser jammer.
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    Never thought I'd see the day - CHP issuing tickets for left lane hogs

    I don't care what speed you drive at, unless you're not passing an immediate car, it should be illegal to be on the left lane. Many other states need to enforce this way more often.
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    How do I hardwire?

    Did you ever find a fuse in your Scat that is not hot when ignition is off? Having issues finding one in the trunk fuse box of mine.
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    How do I hardwire?

    Does anyone know of a hardware kit that has wires long enough so I can run it all the way to the back of my car? My fuse box is in the trunk and all the ones I find online don't seem to be long enough.
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    Do you still flash lights?

    That's parenting goals. I usually flash my lights but it all depends if the cop is pointing at opposite traffic or my direction, is he doing speed enforcement where he should be (school zones) or on long stretches of empty roads?
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    Sensitivity settings for BlackVue DR900

    Wait until you go to Minnesota. :spazface: Never seen potholes like those in my life.
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    Would the R3 be a good detector for Europe?

    Uniden R1 or 3 in Europe seemed useless to me, even with all filters disabled. Get a RD built for the European market.
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    ALP 3d models?

    Would someone be able to create an alp sensor mount that could accommodate a sheet of perspex to hide the sensor and make it look like a stock sensor from the car? This would be highly useful for people in states where LJ are illegal like here in IL :)
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    Official Launch Date for Uniden R7 has been set for Monday 4/15

    People talking like if their lives depend on a F*ing radar detector. If that's the case, I feel bad for you that can't wait a couple of extra days for a radar detector or feel "betrayed" or "cheated" because a manufacturer did the best he could to get you the newest shiniest thing out there. You...
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    MRCD detected in scottsdale

    Did you locate the source? Was it a camera?