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    Radenso Theia Update Dec 2020 - Discussion thread

    Two more weeks until it comes out. Just ask Mike at V1, he will tell you himself
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    Would you pay 1K plus for a Radenso that was completely immune to BSM?

    No. I am looking to spend around $600 to $750.
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    Prize for most significant upgrade to Theia?

    Not sure I understand what you were trying to say? That thread seems only to talk about the R7
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    Prize for most significant upgrade to Theia?

    I am really hoping that special editions are offered at some point. Similar to the Blue/Woodgrain/Texas edition Escort did on the Max.
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    How much in advance of sale will we see testing results for Theia?

    I am honestly going to say sometime around Thanksgiving just in time for Black Friday. We only have 3.5 months left, so getting easier to pick the target date
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    Has anyone else noticed that Uniden has been rather silent?

    I have been quite happy with my R7 (1.29), R3 (1.50), and R1(1.50) which work incredibly for me. I use them in various cars, but my DD gets my R7. No complaints to "needing" any firmware upgrades or changes. Remember the days when you purchased a detector and it didn't have the ability to...
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    Theia bootup piano riff

    Now, keep the theme on track:
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    Laser went off on R7 for the first time ever

    Got a laser alert today for the first time on my R7 after using for about 1 year. I looked around and didn't see anything but it was going off for like 5 seconds straight. Is there a hold even on a short blast to it alerting constant, or during the entire encounter? I was wondering if I was...
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    V1G2 return shorted on refund

    Man, that does suck. I know they usually take care of their customers, but could be a one off perhaps?
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    Adaptive Cruise and Lane Change Avoidance 2019 Challenger

    I feel I really got lucky. My 73' Gremlin doesn't set it off whatsoever.
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    Mike V pulls rabbit out of the hat!

    So G2RD instead?
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    Mike V pulls rabbit out of the hat!

    So, can we just call this V2 now? A little superfluous saying V1G2.
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    Thank You Uniden!

    I disagree. I believe VR finally got the hint that their architecture was outdated. They sat on the same old casing for 29 years without really any change. It finally took something big to make them figure out "Hey, we should look at changing to get people to buy".
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    Got new R7 now sell R3 or Escort Max360?

    Using my R7 (also have an R3 and R1 which has been passed down to other vehicles based on frequency of use), I am incredibly happy with it. The arrows keep me informed on where everything is and the LARGE display is a huge bonus since you can see everything clearly. It is an amazing piece of...
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    Uniden DFR9

    R3 is incredible on its own. I have been an RD user for over 24 years as well as a former Belscort fanboy. The R7 sits in my daily driver, and I keep the other two (R3 & R1) in my backup vehicles. All three have treated me well and I have no reason to switch anytime soon. You will love...