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    New RL360c Owner

    thank you , for those nice word you are a first class gentleman too, i hope you like the detector .
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    Coming Soon.....

    how you know , do you have one ?
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    New Max 3 Impressions (good) and Escort Live Issues (bad)

    i dont think EL live alert will give you signal stregth , if the LEO still in the same spot the detector will alert you .
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    Max 3?

    i have the max 3 and im very happy the range is very good( almost as good as my r360c ) and the bsm is real good so far only mazda cx5 punch thru sometime, i use it in highway mode so im not sure about auto mode , i update to 1.2 but have not tested auto mode yet.
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    Firmware and Escort Live/iRadar updates for MAX 3, MAX 360, and MAX 360c

    yes only thru the detector (max 3 ,r360c).im not sure about the others these are the only two i have.
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    Redline 360c side arrow issues

    I recommend you upgrade that can solve that problem and version is 1.3
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    Problems with Escort Live Alerts

    check your setting my is working fine , i had problem connecting my max 3 at firts but after that is working fine, sorry i cant help you
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    Max 360c not connecting to EL??

    here is how to fix it , my is conectting to EL again
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    Max 360c not connecting to EL??

    I did all that no luck still wont connect
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    Max 360c not connecting to EL??

    Im also unable to connect to EL after updating my max 3
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    Angle of Redline 360c ?

    can you post pic ,it works better when is level
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    Escort Max 360 CI

    i dont have the max ci but im pretty sure it doesnt have wifi and i dont think you can update thru bluetooht either
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    Anybody get a shipping notification today?

    order a second redline on the 28 and just received shipping notice now
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    Anybody get a shipping notification today?

    just call and tell them it dont work and i got a free hardwire cord and 3 years for the app free after i told them that it dint work for me
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    New Redline 360c Owners : Please Confirm this

    i send my back because it was also rattling , i only send the detector and they send me back a new one with everthing that comes with and this one doesnt rattle, send it back and in the return paperwork put that it rattle .or something loose inside, 1596039657 i dont think it affect the...