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    Do new Escort Detectors have the "New Electronic" smell?

    Kinda funny but my favorite electronic "smell" if you will is from my late 1970's Pioneer stereo equipment. The HPM 40 and 100 speakers as well as the SX3700 and SX680 receiver have a unique electronic smell. Stuff was built so much better back then.
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    new user, using uniden r3

    I would turn POP off. You can also either turn X band off or run Lo X if that is an option.
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    Close call with laser (no alert?)

    Yup. And if the officer was on his game by not leaving the laser gun on while he raked from car to car, aimed low or at a headlight and was not shaky it's very believable the V2 was silent. It happens, some here just refuse to accept this concept.
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    Valentine 1 Gen 2 Disappointment

    That's good to hear. Just keep watching those video's from Vortex to make sure your settings are right. I saw earlier where you said you were disappointed the G2 did not have GPS. This is because Escort holds the patent on that feature and Valentine did not want to pay fees to Escort to add it...
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    Alabama State Trooper running I/O K band

    K band is still out there for sure. Our city is the 2nd largest in the state and it is 90% K band.
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    Uniden r7 detection

    This has been said many times. It's a radar detector not a cop car detector. Many police cars are not even equipped with a radar gun, especially city officers. You might start to read up on laser guns and how they work as well as radar guns. This place has some great learning information and he...
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    RedLine 360C live update.

    Either other users are reporting an officer running KA and by the time you get there the officer is gone. Or a bunch of false KA alerts are getting reported. Just stick to running WAZE and then see what happens.
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    Has anyone here removed the guts from an original Escort and mounted a modern detector inside?

    I think back in the day "someone" stuck the guts of an Escort inside a Cobra Trapshooter for a magazine test.
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    ☆Theia Lottery☆

    To be honest though if they had started this contest from day one we all would have already lost. There would be no one left playing. To be fair though after you factor in normal delays who would have predicted covid and now this chip shortage.
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    No great deals for Memorial Day RL360C

    Well if and when you do buy one get the extended warranty. It will have plenty of "Wow Factor" for you each time you get to send it in for repair. I think right now the R7 or V2 are the top two choices
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    I just purchased a redline ex and so far it is great!

    I see what your saying. The pro M is supposed to have excellent K band filtering. Might have just needed a service who knows. I'm glad you like your detector and i'm surprised as well. The Escort IX and Redline EX were two of their bigger turds over the last few years.
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    I just purchased a redline ex and so far it is great!

    ". I recently had a radenso pro-m until I sold it and didn’t care for arrows," The Radenso pro-M does not have arrows and yet you did not like it because of the arrows???
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    Why are V1G1's still selling high? Should I upgrade to V1G2?

    Quick thoughts. 1) The V1 Gen. 2 does not have GPS because I think Escort still has the patent. He didn't want to pay Escort (like Uniden) or get in a lawsuit so he went the app route instead. 2) People on E-Bay pay stupid money for anything that says V1. 3) The V1 Gen. 2 will have much better...
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    Escort RedLine 360C Going to Sleep

    I agree a lot going on there. I would set it up per Vortex recommendations, no reason to have POP turned on. Make sure it has a clear view for the best GPS connections. Are you running two detectors at the same time? That can put some Escort units to sleep. Sounds like even if you can get some...