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    Escort RL360C Extended Service Plan

    Yup. With any Escort product I would for sure get the extended warranty.
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    Emergency Vehicle Alerts?

    Yup SWS is pretty much obsolete
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    MPH Ranger EZ Review

    That shows you that the 5.5k views are probably all forum members or detector enthusiasts. And it also suggests that employees in police agencies purchasing departments could give a crap about you-tube videos showing high end units. For bean counters the number one concern is PRICE PRICE PRICE...
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    Any reason to keep a V1G1 when I have a R7 and G2?

    There is still demand for the V1 gen 1 on e-bay. A quick search of completed listings showed the following prices. $224, $350, $162, $152, $225, $238, $199. If you still have the box and and most of what it came with take several nice pictures showing everything. Make sure they are clear...
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    LEO Running Both Lidar and Radar

    Maybe he was testing his equipment to see if the reading was the same. Since he has to hold the laser gun up to his face and aim like a rifle that makes sense. Turn the radar on and leave it on, then aim and fire the laser. Since that would be a pain in the butt to do every time you won't see...
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    LEO Running Both Lidar and Radar

    By the nature of running laser its not realistic that both would be run simultaneously. What could happen is when he try's to hit you with laser but you shift him he could reach down and activate the KA radar to get a speed reading. He could at that point wonder why his laser did not work and...
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    Is there a way to combat weak signals?

    Rather then say quiet weak alerts maybe what you want is fewer K band false alerts. These false alerts come from new vehicles with safety systems that function on the same K band frequency as police K band radar. You might have to update your firmware and adjust some of your detector settings...
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    Do you guys use semi-trucks as rabbits

    I don't think a scanner is really going to do much for you today on the road not to mention some areas require a permit for a mobile scanner. Our entire county is encrypted so nothing to listen to. WAZE would be much better to have.
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    How much does a PASSPORT 9500xi cost

    Yup California is one state where all they run is KA and laser. Perfect for turning K off 1614212533 Do some reading on the forum to get up to speed. For the last 5-7 years new cars have collision avoidance and blind spot monitoring systems. They function on the same K band frequency as police...
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    Redline 360 C for Europe?

    Escort international models have different features then the north american versions. Software updates are different as well. I don't remember but I thought the Redline EX model was a dual use detector, you just had to adjust the settings. Maybe that is not so, can't remember.
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    How much does a PASSPORT 9500xi cost

    The only person that would pay that much for an unusable detector would be a sucker that does not know any better. The only user that would be able to run a 9500ix would be someone that lives in an area where K band can be turned off completely.
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    Two 5.0's race right by a cop

    He has his priorities, maybe he had to poop or he was in route to see his stripper girlfriend. Maybe he was about to go off shift, or maybe he was a car guy too and wondered who would win.
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    Narrow/Wide/Segments & Out of Tune Radar Guns?

    Maybe back in the 70s or 80s with an old analog gun but even then your talking lottery ticket winner odds. You stand a better chance of being lied to. Cop pulls you over and says he clocked you at whatever, your detector never went off. He never even clocked you but made up a speed and a story...
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    LEO using both K and Ka simultaneously.

    There would be no reason to run both at the same time and the odds are slim an officer would even have two different guns. It might have been such a strong K band or KA signal that it overloaded your detector causing it to flake out and display both.
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    Narrow/Wide/Segments & Out of Tune Radar Guns?

    Your putting way too much "what if" thought into this. To be certified a radar gun has to be tuned and calibrated by an authorized service center, no police agency has the ability to do this themselves. Certified paperwork and tamper stickers with the date on them are part of having this done...