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    The updated Valentine 1 site thread

    Maybe I missed it or this was removed a while ago but couldn't you type in your serial # and get a performance report? Right now all I get is directed to upgrade and it shows me how much credit I can get for my V1. Trying to get things lined up for resale of my V1 but if a buyer can't look...
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    V1 Gen2 (+JBV1 unreleased) demo video

    Yeah, this does get right on the windshield. The person that made this piece for me has a thick rubber gasket (not pictured) that gives it some flex on the mounting screws. I'll see if I can get a pic of it but if you look at the picture 3rd pic you can see the gaskets blurred out to the left...
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    V1 Gen2 (+JBV1 unreleased) demo video

    Great, thanks. This is a pic of what I use for anyone wonder. For a Golf R
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    V1 Gen2 (+JBV1 unreleased) demo video

    Is the space between where the suction cups go into the mounts the same in between? I ask because I use a custom piece of plexiglass mounted to the windshield and I use the holes to attached via adjustable screws in place of where the suction cups would normally go...if that makes sense.
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    NY Radar & Lidar Spotter Thread

    Is this map live yet? I don't see a link, but I'm not sure if it would be posted here or through a pm. I'm in Brooklyn and always see cops on the Belt parkway just after the Verrazano Bridge heading towards Manhattan. Not sure why people speed there...they are almost always around there.
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    New Member Intro

    I've been a member for maybe a year when I started looking at radar detectors. I ended going with the Valentine 1, bluetooth adapter and V1 Driver. I'm happy so far, but wish the Valentine 1 came with bluetooth built internally. I hard wired my radar and the bluetooth module is tucked...