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    Uniden R1 / R3 False Laser Alerts "Fix"!

    AKA "light pipe." It is a piece of plastic that routes the optical signals down to the PC board where the sensor is mounted. Normally there is quite a bit of optical signal loss as implemented on RDs. The front sensors normally use some kind of lens instead of a light pipe. IME the only RD...
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    Decatur MV715 vs MPH Python X band

    Testing with the Python will give you an idea of what you are facing should you drive in Ohio and run into OSP running X band. And since the Python is newer it is probably less likely to break down. GTO_04
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    Introduction and question about TETRA monitoring

    I have not seen this one before. It that a version of the Target Blue Eye? GTO_04
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    Decatur MV715 vs MPH Python X band

    The Decatur seems to have more transmit power. A V1 will pick it up for miles, even off axis. When I first picked up an MV-715 with my V1, I thought something was wrong with it because the meter was pegged for a long time and no radar in sight. Finally after a few minutes I saw the moving...
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    Hello I am Bill

    Welcome! We have members all over the state, so if you need any local threat information be sure to ask. GTO_04
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    Ka falses?

    Based on the teardown images I've seen, the R7 uses a light pipe and they are very lossy! The V1 uses a condenser lens and they provide some light amplification. GTO_04
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    Greetings from SE Michigan!

    Welcome to the forum! I used to live near the Ohio Turnpike and I know what you are talking about. I used my Bearcat scanner to listen to all the air enforcement speed traps, and there were many! GTO_04
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    Uniden Detectors on Backorder

    The R1 is still on sale at Sam's Club for $189! GTO_04
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    Scanners Still Useful?

    FHP is encrypted. AFAIK PA is at least partially encrypted. They are in the process of switching from the Open Sky system to a P25 system. There may be some radio traffic on the older VHF frequencies but I am not following them closely. GTO_04
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    Will this New Bill Mean Less RD Tickets?

    Virginia bill could make it harder for police to pull you over. This bill will make it much more difficult for Virginia police to pull you over for equipment violations. They will now be secondary violations, which means they have to stop you for something else that is considered a primary...
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    V1G2 on Back Order Again!

    A notice on their website said they ran out of magnesium cases. GTO_04
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    New from Indiana

    Welcome to the forum! For a long time, ISP ran either 33.8 or 35.5 Ka band radar, but I am seeing more 34.7 recently. Looks like you are driving a Chally! GTO_04
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    Do not drive your sports car to HomeDepot

    I always worried about that when stopping at Home Depot. It appears my concerns are justified! GTO_04
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    New from NE Ohio

    And there is plenty of room on the dash of the Charger Pursuit for that X band antenna. Maybe they were worried about that huge antenna blocking their view lol. GTO_04 1602031672 With the X band antenna, you almost need to have a light bar to mount it externally. Most of the OSP cruisers I...
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    X band V1G2

    It WAS huge! GTO_04